Photo Roadmap Update (Dec 2022)

Updated: January 2023 Roadmap

You can now get Topaz Photo AI v1.1 with a new raw model, better AI Brush, snappier previews, better noise detection, and more. This is our biggest update since release; we’re really proud of it and hope you like it! You will see Topaz Photo AI continue to improve each Thursday.

Topaz Photo AI’s core value is that it helps you maximize image quality on autopilot, so our team has been focused on both the quality and consistency of your results. To that end, right now we’re mainly working on improving the image quality models, autopilot accuracy, subject refinement, and performance.

We’re actively working on these features:

  • New upscaling model (Enhance Resolution) for finer detail and more natural results. In internal testing, this new model significantly outperforms our existing upscaling models in both Gigapixel and Topaz Photo AI.
  • Improve blur estimation so Autopilot can enable or disable Sharpen more reliably.
  • Further improve subject refinement based on AI Brush feedback
  • For raw images: improve strong raw noise parameter estimation and allow Autopilot to select it.
  • Add Configure Autopilot option to enable or disable Remove Noise at various noise levels, similar to the current Sharpen option.

After that, here’s what’s next:

  • New Remove Noise model for non-raw images that preserves more detail and responds better to slider changes.
  • New Sharpen model for focus and motion blur that creates fewer artifacts.
  • Add cropping and allow optional auto-upscaling to original image dimensions.
  • Improve subject detection model accuracy to reduce how often you need to refine inaccurate subjects
  • Add Apple Photos extension
  • Improve the batch processing workflow

We’re also improving performance, reducing memory, and fixing bugs every release. We aim to release most of these improvements within the next few months, although there’s not a firm timeline. While you’ll likely see this roadmap change based on feedback, in the meantime we hope this shows you the direction we’re taking the product.

If you have a software or account issue, please contact our support team for the fastest response. If you have thoughts on our roadmap or other ways we can make Topaz Photo AI more useful for you, please post below. We might not add every feature, but we do read and consider each post.

Thanks. We’re looking forward to making Topaz Photo AI the perfect tool for you!


what about VEAI roadmap update?


Sounds great! Glad to see Apple Photos extension on the list, which will simplify the jpg workflow for users storing the images in Apple Photos.

A feature I think most users would like to see: The ability to toggle the preview pane not to show original vs processed but current settings vs new settings. Or at least full AI settings vs user tweaked settings.

Most of the time I’d rather like to see a preview of say lens blur vs motion blur or remove noise with strength 10 vs remove noise with strength 50. Not the original file vs some setting.

As it is now, you have to stare at your screen to catch the exact moment the preview updates to spot the differences. As processing takes a while this is often cumbersome.


Can you add AI model for video snapshots upscale please ? The current models work really bad with video snapshots ! And unfortunately current versions of Video AI dont handle .png or .jpeg video snapshots files too for some reason … ?! Thank you in advance !

Soooo thrilled about the new enhance resolution upscaling model and the Apple Photos extension!!! I wish the Apple Photos extension was higher up on the list, but honestly I’m just so happy it’s on the list at all. Thank you!!!

One other request: pinch-to-zoom capability on trackpads, please.


Great roadmap! I’m especially looking forward to the new upscaling model and the improved batch processing.

I keep many of my photos in Apple Photos so an extension would be very convenient.


In complete agreement with this comparison feature. It would be MUCH more useful!


Nice roadmap and thank you for all you do !
You could provide, even if it is not the most important, that we can choose the language of the menus.

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That should be like NO 1. IT is totally broken.

Your denoise and sharpen are now really great. But all you do is just shoot yourself into the foot with Photo AI pre-beta quality release. Everyone is going to be laughing about it for about a year till you get it eventually into what should have been a later 2023 v 1.0 release. Sorry but a healthy dose of realism is entirely necessary.


Excited for that new upscaling model. Hope to see that soon.


I am sure this has been said, and will be said again, but we not be honest and call this what it is: a public Beta? Calling any of these releases a 1.x product is kind of shameful. I do not know why just calling it a public Beta is a problem for Topaz, doing such a thing is perfectly fine. That said, thank you for the roadmap, this is better than what I get from the development team internally at the software company where I work.


When adding cropping, the ability to rotate an image to be level is also absolutely essential. This is missing from GigaPixel also.

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The masking AI brush recognizes hot air balloons to some degree but now well. Also, it would be nice to use the Alt key to switch from paint to subtract by holding it down.

Bug: When I minimized PAI (still running) and changed to MS Edge browser to write this, I can’t get PAI to maximize again. It shows in the task bar but won’t do anything.

Windows 10, 32GB ram, AMD Rx5600XT GPU.

Hi Matthias, for now I solved in Apple Photos:
Right Mouse click on photo - Modify with → Photo AI
Save without Prefix and Suffix in Overwrite mode.
Hope useful.


it is not the purpose of the software, please do not make unnecessary requests

So who are you to say the ability to rotate an image when cropping in Photo AI or GigaPixel is an unnecessary request? All image processing tools I have used provide this feature. If you are working from the RAW file it’s my opinion that this is absolutely necessary.

the face detection frame is definitly not at the expected place.

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I hope this ‘roadmap’ of new features delivers the much needed improvements, because the current version is terrible. look at the jaggies in this image. this is with the sharpen switched OFF. The original image is a RAW file.

Gigapixel beta has no such problems, zero jaggies.

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i have located the cause of the jaggies in Photo Ai. It is not the sharpen tool, it is the Noise reduction tool that is causing the horrendous jagged lines.

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Hi There. I recently had a thought. Would it be possible to facilitate a *.PSD export option in PhotoAI to give a user the option of saving a 2-layered image where the top layer would be the fully enhanced layer but the bottom layer would contain a copy that would essentially be just the denoised or even slightly softened version. This would allow the user more discretion in choosing where to use detail emphasis in the image during final editing.
It’s a great product by the way. I’m getting lots of worthwhile usage out of it.
Best regards all.
Andrew Royle

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