If someone ever wanted to do a side by side comparation of a source Vs. TVEAI outputs, check this… Video-Compare… “Split screen video comparison tool written in C++14 using FFmpeg libraries and SDL2.
video-compare can be used to visually compare e.g. the effect of codecs and resizing algorithms on two video files played in sync. The tool is not very restrictive as videos are not required to be the same resolution, color format, container format, codec or duration. However, for the best result video files should have the same frame rate.
A movable slider enables easy viewing of the difference across any region of interest.
Thanks to the versatility of FFmpeg, it is actually also possible to use video-compare to compare two images. The common PNG and JPEG formats have been successfully tested to work.”"

I’ve already done a short test with an Avi source Vs, a Prores HQ output and… approved :+1:


i just gave it a shot, it’s really good tool if you want to compare your VAI results with different filters or different filter settings. I am so going to use it. thank a million for letting us know about this tool

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Glad you liked it. You’re welcome :+1: