TVEAI Presets Iris, Nyx

hello everyone, currently I am preparing and creating presets for the two recent models, Nyx and Iris. concerning its presets will be for videos particularly in low resolution SD, 1080p, 2160p and for VHS videos. each presets will be published in this topic. see you soon :smiling_face::+1:

Tveai Presets Nyx: (*RA: Relative Auto)
NYX RA V1: (827 Bytes)

Tveai Presets Iris: (*RA= Relative Auto)
IRIS RA V1: (844 Bytes)


I found that Dione:DV produced a bit cleaner and shaper output then Nyx on my 1080p video source that suffered from mild grain due to low light condition.
So when you conduct your testing on Nyx, please also compare this with Dione:DV to come with better educated conclusions. We will all benefit from your findings.

To use Dione: DV on Progressive scan source/Video follow This.

You can Use the Video-Compare tool for that to aid you comparing.


I kind of wish you hadn’t opened this thread before releasing the models. I’ve been checking 6 times a day all week to see if the models are here. :laughing:

I will continue to wait impatiently for the release. :wink:

@lgm72 If it’s any consolation , the Nyx model is aimed for high quality video source that needs some cleaning up of noise. the performance (quality) of the model is OKish , not something to fall off the chair from (compared to ddv3). at least on my test videos (1080p from Panasonic HC-X920 camcorder).

Dione DV (ddv3) does a better job in cleanup (and sharpen) then Nyx by small margin. so I wouldn’t wait sleepless nights over this Nyx model. just use DDV3 (Dione: DV) instead and you got yourself a Nyx+ model.
Iris v2 Model, that is something I am looking forward. it has a great potential.

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Hi people, new update :slight_smile:

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I agree with you. Dione Dv does a fantastic job whilst keeping the details. I was mainly interested in the Iris models as most of my upscaling is 480p source.

I do like to test new settings though, even if they don’t suit ,y needs now, I can look to learn and implement later.