Best Preset/Settings to clean up and enlarge old VHS stuff

I really like Topaz Video AI but finding presets and settings that work best in certain situations is tricky.

I want to clean up some VHS footage so I’ve linked a clip below. Any help greatly appreciated.

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A lot depends on what digital format it was saved to.
Codec, colourspace, resolution etc

maybe you want to give those already made presets a shot and see which one works best for your case. @TomaszW also included some presets that specialized for VHS to FHD. i would suggest trying them all with Preview mode (save you tons of time)

you can test both for yourself and preview both on TVAI and if you wish you could also use a compare tool to check the results to see for yourself if you notice any difference between the two (that would save you tons of time). or just playback the 2s / 5s preview you generate from both one right after the other to see if you spot any difference in quality.

Video-Compare - Video compare tool
Topaz Video AI v3.0: Working with multiple video files - YouTube - how to use preview mode

I ask me, why there is no special VHS/old Video Algorithm/Software available to enhance specially this Type of Videos?

It should be possible with AI (maybe in a few Years) to enhance these old blurry Video-Footage? :slight_smile: :+1:


in theory there is a dedicated AI for VHS, the “Dione: TV”.
but not always it produces the best results, that is why many people prefer to de-interlace the VHS externally (e.g. Hybrid) and use other progressive presets which are more matured, to upscale it as they feel it produces better end results.

Thanks, guys. I will try these suggestions.