Using Hi8 videos - I can't tell the difference


I am a novice when it comes to upscaling videos. However, I am highly technical.

I can’t remember what software I used many years ago to capture the analog footage to convert it to digital. If I remember right, I ran it through a mini-DV recorder first.

I am using the trial version of Topaz Video to see what a difference it can make. I selected the preset to Deinterlace and Upscale to HD.

I am not seeing a major difference in quality and the noise in the video did not improve. Am I missing something?

Are Hi8 similar in quality to VHS?
I have tried enhancing VHS before and had similar results. Nothing looked much better. I put that project on hold until I figured out more things. It’s been a year now.

The best results I have gotten so far are:
Deinterlace with QTGMC in Hybrid.
(If you feel like that oversharpens, you can use FFMPEGs bwdif filter.)
Denoise at the same time in with QTGMC EZDenoise. (If you know of and like other denoising tools, use that instead.)
Upscale with Proteus Manual. Main two settings being: put Anti-Alias/Deblur to about -80 and Revert Compression anywhere from 20 to 60. If you try any of the other sliders, do them in small amounts, about 5 at a time.

Covered this many times before.

Thank you. I will check into QTGMC. I have some learning to do. :slight_smile:

Thanks menditsa. I am new to the forum and should have done some further searching first.

I have many that I would like to send to a lab. What’s a good place to start to find one that’s reputable?

I have a few that I cannot send to a lab because they are private.

Thats ok, I was showing what source you have to work with between dreadful and good.

Use google for whatever country you are in and have a look around on youtube.

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No, Hi8 has a better quality luminance resolution of 400 lines compared to the Video8 or VHS which have only luminance resolution of 200 / 250 lines.
DVD has luminance resolution of 500 Lines.

try those… it would make your learning curve much quicker.

Very true. Whether it is 35mm, 16mm, 9.5mm, standard 8mm or super 8mm, digitally over scanning the footage at the correct native running speed is essential. Once this is done the film can be restored & enhanced using Topaz Labs’ Video AI & other apps’.

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hi, it is very important to digitize in firewire a hi8, digital 8 or 8 mm cassette. we must forget the digitization in rca or s-video. for the deinterlacing and the quality of a cassette like that, you have to use qtgmc, in fast, without “ez denoise” and do not activate the denoiser but “ezkeepgrain” has about 1.30, apply a little dehalo, and produce in 720x576 (pal) in avi mp4 lossless. I am attaching pictures of my settings:

then in vai, select iris by applying these settings, see the quality and adjust as you want, but for me this base is very good, there is still a bit of fairly minimal noise that I remove with vegas pro and neat video and I apply with vegas some other filters like “magic sharp”, “dv fixer”, bbc details" etc…

here is a comparison with the original and once these steps are done (without vegas pro)