TVEAI 3x.. Presets V1, V2

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Hello everyone, here is my first topic on the creation of my presets under TVEAI v3.x
I worked on creating two presets in Proteus, the first for 4K Ultra HD output and the second 8K Ultra HD. Feel free to give your opinions here. I will work soon on preset for DVD to 1080p, VHS to 1080p

It works with version 3.1.4 and makes much better video quality

Download all presets V.1 for TVEAI 3.1.4 here (2.6 KB)

Download all presets V.2 for TVEAI 3.1.4 here (2.3 KB)

Today is the end of the creation of presets for TVEAI 3.1.4
There will be no version 3 of the presets, it is not planned. Have fun with version 1 and 2 :slight_smile:


Okay nobody answer…

I have no use for anything higher than FHD. Sorry.

Yes you can use for 1080 to 4kultrahd

Give me your opinion please :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t need it

Well I see that many of you do not like to put your videos in 4k or 8k. amazing :o

I tried your preset, it’s pretty good. I’ll use this as a base line to fine tune further on specific videos.
thanks for sharing

EDIT: I Love your Blury4k Preset!!! it does an amazing job on my Video8 files Upscaling to 1080p (after I QTGMC them in Hybrid)… thank you very much!!
do you have maybe other presets you have I can test?


Thank you if you liked 4K.
Yes I 'm currently working on DVD to 1080 and VHS to 1080 :slight_smile:


That is something I am even more interested at, as all my Upscaling are from a 1999 Sony Camcorder Video8 576i files. so that would be super useful

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Update: DVD to 1080 is now available, the version 1
Soon the VHS to 1080 V.1

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on the one clip I tested it (dvd v1), It was almost identical to Blury4k, with very slight favor to Blury4k preset.
but i only tested one clip, 2sec preview

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Update: VHS to 1080 (Version 1) now available :slight_smile:

on the one clip I tested it (VHS v1), A lot of details were lost compared to to Blury4k preset (tested both Theia & Proteus) .
but i only tested one clip, 2sec preview. I upscale to 1080p with all presets i tested, on the same 2 sec preview clip.

So currently Blury4k (otherwise known as 8KUltraHD preset) preset I found to be the best (along side with 4KUltra and DVD v1) for my video

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Now it’s available 1080 to 4K preset for VEAI 2.6.4 :slight_smile:

Thanks for your opinion :slight_smile:

I would like to try out your VHS to 1080p preset. I think you should be able to upload zip files right to your posts. I tried the link and got scared of viruses.

Hello, not viruses on my files json.

But I cannot get past all the phishing adds and mal/bloatware links to get to the part where I can download it. Please edit your opening post and drag and drop all the zip files with the json files inside onto your post as you’re editing. Or use the upload button:
(Unless that feature is blocked to you.)

It’s done :slight_smile: