Topaz Photo AI v2.3.2

Howdy! We have another patch update, improving camera support and fixing minor bugs. As always, a full change log is below.

Please give us any feedback or report issues with this release. We’ll be updating TPAI regularly to address those pieces of feedback and issue reports. If there’s a specific image you’d like us to see, you can send it us at this dropbox link.

Released February 15th, 2024
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Changes since 2.3.1

  • Exposure and white balance preferences now update sliders immediately
  • Made resolution enhancement model preferences select v2 variants
  • Update to Exiftool 12.76
  • Handle Canon orientation from MakerNotes:Rotation
  • Fix some thumbnails having incorrect orientation
  • Disable feathering option in content menu when in text masking mode
  • Fix unresponsive jpeg / png export sliders
  • Change image navigator cursor
  • Improve model downloading speed
  • Automatic Lensfun Update

I miss information about the face detection problem? Is it solved in version 2.3.2?


Unfortunately that issue could not be fixed in time for this release, but it’s actively being working on.


Thanks for the info!

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Still having this issue also with v2.3.2

Problem is related to subject detection because it disappears as soon as is disable it.
Problems started with version 2.3

Using Windows 11 Pro with all latest updates, Radeon RX580 with latest drivers, AMD Ryzen 3700X with 64GB of RAM


I just added a fresh topic about V2.3.2 doing nothing when attempting to install it.


  That’s a pretty serious bug to leave unfixed.

  Anything about this privacy issue?  That’s pretty serious, as well.  If I am going to use this software on any images for which I have any obligation to make sure that privacy, confidentiality, and intellectual property rights are properly observed, then I really need to know that this program isn’t sending these data anywhere without my explicit consent.


When doing sharpening, by default it chooses lens blur. If I manually change it to standard or strong, I get these little squares around the subject. I have subject detection set to none.

It also looks like the colors are being changed. I have adjust lighting and balance color set to disable.

Anyone else having this problem? These problems have been there for a little while.

I also posted in the 2.3.1 thread that for one set of photos, a kid is wearing a black winter hat. The color changes on part of the hat to grey in a square blocky design, similar to what you see around the fox in this photo.


It still stops for about a week now. That’s not why I bought this program.


No man, it is so frustrating that you still couldn’t fix the face-detecting issue. What is going on??? Now I must uninstall this version again and go back two versions for it to work. It works fine in v2.3.0 so why is there a problem with the next two versions? Don’t fix something that’s not broken!!!


please do fix the face detection problem as soon as you can but also the problem with the sliders hanging on sharpening etc as mentioned by others topaz tries to start proccessing as soon as you touch them instead of waiting a split second to see where the slider is positioned
this also started with 2.3.0


I encountered exactly the same “squares”. It’s anoyinng.


It is not possible to work with the program as it is very slow.


The program is unusable with the latest update. Preview is solid pink on first launch. Trying to launch again it just hangs.

After more testing, the app works. It just does NOT work at to launch from Photoshop

Bug -
Problem the autopilot says 0 face detected. On the right it says face detected.

Yes I created a bug rqst in the proper place too :slight_smile:



Today’s latest iPhone scenic grabshot enhanced with Photo AI 2.3.2 before additional artsy treatment elsewhere.

Why doesn’t the window close after a job has been completed? I don’t understand this…

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Just updated from 2.1.0 to current version, the programm crashes nearly intand after drop any image into it! no error message, the program just closes.

Try rebooting your computer and see if that solves the issue.