Topaz Photo AI v2.3.2

i rebootet multiple times, Updated the driver for my AMD card, Updated the driver vor both Nvidia cards, tryed to use any card and CPU as AI processor… nothing works…

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Then I suggest you contact support at Topaz Labs directly (not through this forum).

my notebook will return thuesday, then i have more time to test why its not work and contacting topaz. i rollback to 2.1 works fine and does the job. thanks for help.

Since the update this weekend; every time it is done processing an image, it shuts itself down. Sometimes it doesn’t even finish. Freezing up,

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Autopilot either does not initiate any activity on the image or gets locked in a constant do-loop when it reaches Detecting Faces. The Autopilot activity symbol just spins in the right hand menu column.


Hi, the 2.3.2 installer downloads OK but when I attempt to install, the program just completely exits. Help please. Never had this issue with updates before.

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Finding the same thing myself, had two updates .1 and .2, tried to install .2. Didn’t like it. Download from here rather than use update.

TPAI sharpening is significantly inferior to Sharpen AI on this image.
Please look at the halos around the beak and the overall level of sharpness.
using TPAI I could not get rid of the halos. Sharpen AI did not produce halos.

Screenshots are shown at 200%:

Sharpen AI:


Original image:

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You’re using Denoise AND Sharpen in TPAI at once which in my experience leads to oversharpening.

Have you tried with only Denoise (which does induce quite some sharpening by itself even with minor deblur set to 0)?

yes, that adds halos

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Why does 2.3.2 kept redownloading model files?? this is a huge slow down in work flow. Unacceptable . You can do better.


It does not work as well as Sharpen AI for my needs. The interface is sluggish and has fewer options. Hopefully this is not the new product.


Not too impressed with the noise reduction around many birds eyes compared with Lightroom AI NR. I find the small dots that make up the perimeter just get blurred but Lightroom keeps that detail.

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I am using Lr (cc) with star ratings 3+ for keepers and 1 for toss. Export a TIF for PhotoAI, save the result to a new TIF. The stars are gone so my Lr filter for >= 2 hides the image until I remove the filter, set the stars and reset the filter. A nuisance.

With deep crops that get upsized I think the Upsize Low Res improves the sharpening.

The original photo was a jpeg? I ask because the background image seems to me to be the typical smartphone jpeg compression.
The last photo (which is a zoom of the original image) reminds me of a painting.

iPhone (HEIC) run through Photo AI then cropped and finished with Snap Art (for the artsy effect, to cover all artifacting sins :wink: )

It seemed fine to me. HEIC is considered a super jpeg. It’s a little better, in fact.
Not a bad idea for covering compression artifacts :wink: :+1:

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This is completely broken right now Topaz AI just “spins” on face detect and is totally useless – how can I revert back to a version that works?

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im having a huge issue with this update. The program is very unresponsive. Any adjustment changes takes nearly 10-15 secs just to move a slider and nothing happens in retime.