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  Due to the face-recognition bug in 2.3.1, I’ve gone back to 2.3.0; the way in which I did so involved doing a complete uninstall, including all data files, and doing a completely clean install of 2.3.0.

  I guess I can forgive it for only once putting up the nag to enable sharing images by default.  But it has just given me this nag, now, for at least the third or fourth time since the reinstall.  This time, without even thinking, I clicked on the Enable, and fortunately, noticed that this was enabled before I started processing.  You see, as is sometime the case, the images I am processing involve other people, depicted in images which I am NOT at liberty to share with anyone else without the explicit permission of those depicted in the images.  I am sure that this is the case more often with many other photographers, than with me.

  The image that I was processing on this occasion, was such an image.  It would have been a serious breach of ethics and trust on my part, to allow this image to be shared with anyone else, without the explicit consent of the person appearing therein; and Photo AI almost tricked me into committing this violation.

  When this came up before, I was of a mind to be satisfied to allow Photo AI to ask, only once, and never again if the answer is “no”.  I though that the deveklopers had agreed to, and implemented this limitation, but now I see that I was lied to about that.

  I consider this to be a serious breach of ethics on the part of the developers of this software, demonstrating an inexcusable lack of respect for the privacy of those of us who use this software, as well as a lack of respect for our obligation, where applicable, to protect the privacy of our clients.

  Needless to say, I am quite pissed off about this.  I called your attention to this issue, some time ago, you claimed to have corrected it, and now I find out that you LIED to me about having done so.  There is no excuse at all for this.

  I now have to carefully consider whether it is ever appropriate for me at all to use your software on any image in which I am under any obligation regarding privacy or confidentiality; as it is looking rather dubious that I can trust you to not violate any such obligation on my part.

Continuing the discussion from Privacy issue…:


I’m mostly with you, but to be fair they claimed to correct it “soon”.

Of course, that was in October 2023 - and even regarding the somehow heavily distorted time-continuum those IT people and software developers seem to live in this now surely cannot be called “soon” anymore :slightly_frowning_face:

  An important point is that if I am working with images or other data, where I have any obligation regarding the protection of confidentiality, privacy, or intellectual property issues, the worry shouldn’t even be anything to come up, that any software that I am using to process those data might be sending these data where they shouldn’t be sent.  They shouldn’t be leaving my own computer by any means other than by my taking an explicit, specific action to move them.


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