Topaz Photo AI v1.2.1


This week we have the exciting addition of the Apple Photos extension. You should now be able to use Photo AI from Apple Photos via the three dot icon in Edit mode when selecting a single image.

We’ve also changed crop quite a bit. Instead of being able to move the crop box around, it will now stay in the center while the image moves behind it. This sets us up for adding straightening easier in the future.

Please give us any feedback or report issues with this release. We’ll be updating TPAI regularly to address those pieces of feedback and issue reports. If there’s a specific image you’d like us to see, you can send it us at this dropbox link.

Released February 9, 2023
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Changes since 1.2.0:

  • Added Apple Photos extension with full support for non-RAW images
    – Full support for RAW images will be added later this month
  • Added sliders to Enhance models for more control
  • Tuned Autopilot’s selection of Enhance models
  • Changed Enhance model settings to get quality parity on GPU vs CPU
  • Lightroom Classic should now stack images above the original after returning from Photo AI
  • Fixed CLI help not working on Windows
  • Fixed CLI hanging on Mac
  • Added installer caching to the Windows installer which should help avoid some repair issues
  • Updated login success page style
  • Fixed typo in face detection tooltip


  • Changed crop so that it works on a centered crop selection
  • Added a shadow to areas of the image outside of the current crop while cropping
  • Fixed some cases of pixel shifting
  • Fixed crop not quite lining up exactly
  • Bottom bar is now disabled while in cropping mode
  • Changed the drag areas for crop to be easier to grab
  • View mode should now return to the previously selected one when finishing cropping

Thanks for the release!

This week @yazi.saradest got first like!

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HI Yazi,
Sharpening is not improved , I have tested same Bee image ,one I have send it to you.Result is same. Sorry not impressed .


Just testing the new 1.2.1. release.
Very pleased with parameters for enhance resolution. ( :+1: )
Unfortunately the face enhancement in not yet fixed. Hoping for the upcoming release.

Photo Roadmap Update (Feb 2023)

Any word on when we can expect these important items?

  • New Remove Noise model for non-raw images that will improve slider responsiveness, better preserve textures, and offer adjustible sharpening.
  • New Sharpen model that produces fewer artifacts.
  • Add a standard brush option for subject refinement ← BIG ONE!

Hi… Change in Crop Tool from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1… I crop to compose. As such, I prefer to create the crop, then move the crop around on the image (per 1.2.0) as opposed to a fixed centered crop with the image moving below it (per 1.2.1).

Cheers… M :grin:


face recovery makes face red/purple tone even in black and white images. and in some images they are shaped like a square with different shades. PLEASE FIX because in some images it is impossible to use face recovery.

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Apple Photos extension works great so far, thanks a lot! :+1:

When would be the best moment to invoke PhotoAI? Before or after some slight Apple Photos corrections?

Thank you so much for the Apple Photos extension!!! You’ve solved the #1 thing on my wish list!

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Thanks for the update!

But… first little “bug” to fix: in the upper toolbar, in “Help”… the ‘Give Feedback’ button takes you to an empty page here on the forum.

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I can add that noise reduction isnt a lot improved too …

Very true ,I have uploaded raw file to Yazi along with the screen shot having pink mark on the sky, no reply yet.

Similar to the request I made to have a “No Glasses” switch for face recovery, you should request a “Greyscale Only” mode over in the Ideas section.

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Thank you, devs, for enabling the control over Enhance model parameters - it’s SO MUCH more useful! There’s even automatics behind it implemented, like in Gigapixel AI! :slight_smile:

Is it possible to make future Photo AI installations independent to each other, to “save the workflow” for certain cases (like Gigapixel v4.4.5, and then v5.5.2 - they are a great tools for me, and I appreciate the effort put into the software, but I had to “virtualize” them to be able to use them along with v6.2.2)?
I mean, it’s possible that the upscaling models will become even better, but those new “standard” ones in Photo AI v1.2.0/v1.2.1 and within GAI 6.3.x are really great! :slight_smile:

And a small issue - whenever I switch between the images in this version of PAI, the “automatics” sets the Enhance model sliders by itself back to “preferred”, despite me readjusting them to my likings.

The new “Crop to Center” is not intuitive. It takes a lot longer to get the crop as needed.

Every time I adjust the crop, it “re-centers” and requires me to reposition the image. Then, I have to re-crop… and then, re-position… over and over and over, multiple times.

Please remove “Crop to Center” or add a switch to toggle on/off.


We don’t have exact times for models since it depends on training which is very time consuming. For the brush however I’d estimate that it’ll be in 1.2.3 or 1.2.4.


I’m not 100% sure myself, but I would assume it’s probably better to use Photo AI first and then adjust afterwards. If Apple Photos bakes in the changes though, then I don’t think it matters which order you do it in.

Thanks for the report, I’ll try to get this resolved.

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Apple Photos: No option to append text to the filename. This removes the original image, which we must find via the Folder and add back to Apple Photos. I know this is the initial release, and features will be limited. However, it’s not ready for use until we can save a copy with the original.

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You could just duplicate it in Apple Photos before editing it with PhotoAI.