Photo Roadmap Update (Feb 2023)

Since last month’s roadmap update, our team has delivered 3 key updates: a new Enhance Resolution model, cropping, and improved initial subject detection:


We’re currently actively working on a few major improvements:

  • New Remove Noise model for non-raw images that will improve slider responsiveness, better preserve textures, and offer adjustible sharpening.
  • New Sharpen model that produces fewer artifacts.
  • Add image straightening to crop tool
  • Add Apple Photos extension
  • Display Enhance Resolution parameters as editable sliders


  • Add a standard brush option for subject refinement
  • Improve raw handling, particularly with rendering colors and metadata issues
  • Improve performance for preview and processing
  • Improve Autopilot decision-making
  • Improve the Autopilot Configuration user experience
  • Explore fixing the “pop-up background face” issue where Face Recovery will create jarringly sharp faces from an out-of-focus

The team is really excited to get these improvements to you! Thanks and looking forward to hearing your feedback.


Can’t wait - thank you!! :heart::heart::heart:


As usual we request a feature to limit the area to be denoised by masking. (as it is the case with sharpening the subject)


Topaz Labs spends months on a new useless masking brush, while nothing at all improves .The frequent updates represent no serious improvements. It’s like the development department is keeping their customers engaged by dropping a dime here and there to win time. Please consider a seriously more efficient learning strategy for AI models.
Please stop wasting time on creating new logo. nobody cares,


I would like the possibility to export in JPEG when I call Photo AI from Lightroom (Menu File) and work directly in RAW.

Saving in DNG is a problem: Lightroom interprets it in turn, and some results are really not good.

I would like to have a JPEG export from the Photoshop plug-in as well, when using the File menu.

If we don’t update with each notification, will the last notification include the previous updates?

When you update it’ll bring you to the latest version you own. The dialog will display the release notes for every release since the one you have open.

I was in Photo AI today and realised that I don’t know how to disable the autopilot. I made manual changes to the settings and then wanted them be applied to all images, but I had no idea how. Beside this, the auto pilot engages itself every time I switch to another image. :eyes:

Please, please can we have the option to export the settings to a companion file? This would be so useful to replicate similar fixes on similar images, or to compare the effect of different settings and revert back to the best one.
This shouldn’t be very difficult at all. In the log file up until V1.1 there was a line with the JSON of the settings used to develop an image. Is it really that difficult to export that data to a JSON with the same name as the image? That would do the job.
Annoyingly that line seems to have been dropped from the log file for the new release. Could we at least put that back in?
Thanks, Andrew

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I have read and agree with many suggestions. I don’t find PAI a substitute for Denoise and Sharpen. It is convenient sometimes but the suggestion that it is a starting point and then the better manual features of the other products can be tuned with PAI is good. If editing from RAW it would be good to be able to crop the image before PAI starts. With PAI when refining the subject, the tools are not nearly as good as the Lightroom brush at not bleeding into the background at the border between the subject and the background. Removing noise in API often removes details in a way the AISharpen does not. I think the products are very good but if PAI is to be a single tool for everything, there does need to be a simple and an advanced mode. Thank you.

Will you have a March roadmap?

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New update: March 2023