Topaz Photo AI v1.1.3

It just makes me seasick b/c it looks like ocean waves rippling. :ocean: :rowing_man:t3: :ring_buoy:

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When I save an image, the exif information is lost.

I’m getting a crash every time I try to apply the same style of my current image to many different images that I have loaded. I extracted frames from a video and I tried 2000 at a time all the way down to 250 and the software can’t even handle that. Even at 250 images, it just crashes when I click the apply same settings button. I’m trying to keep the scale at 1x + face enhancement. No other enhancements.

EDIT: Turns out I was on the previous version, not 1.1.3. I updated and now I was able to apply my settings (didn’t try face enhancement) to all images and it seemed to work without crashing. It did take a very long time though. If it’s going to take this long 60 seconds+, it would be nice to have some type of progress bar so I know that the program is still working and so that I could see how much longer it will take. I will have to test images with face refinement later to see if that works.

If you place plugins in any directories please, please delete them when the application is deleted. For example the Beta plugin is left over in the Affinity Photo plugins folder.


Luckily processing protocol in AP 2 can recover:

Same here. Three versions in a row now.
Windows 11 Pro, Affinity Photo 2.0 Ryzen/NVIDIA

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Since I don’t see most of these mentioned in the known issues, I’ll link to my post from 1.1.2:

Ok, the pixel shift has been acknowledged but only mentions preview

It’s not only in the preview, upon sharpening the subjects (or whole image) is shifted in the saved/exported image as well.
This has an interaction with face recovery which undoes the shift, displacing heads relative to the (sharpened) body it’s attached to.
I’ve found mentions of this issue going back to version 1.0.4.

The (denoise) strength slider having no impact on the strength has been reported at least since v0.10

Delighted to note that crash of app on some of my photos (but every time on these) when using the Refine brush appears to have been resolved in this version. Thanks ever so!

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I have always used it from AP 1 and now AP 2 and have not had any crashes (Win 11, NVIDIA GTX1050). The only thing I can think of is that you may have had Affinity open when updating Photo AI which would mean that the plugin file wont be updated.

Open APs default plugin location, you can find it in preferences and click on the link to open it, and replace the PhotoAI plugin there by copying the TopazPhotoAI.8bf file from where PhotoAI is installed on your PC.

Hi! Can you please send me the original image through Dropbox? Thank you!

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Hi - can you please send me the log from the same timestamp as the crash session from Help > Open Log Folder? Thank you.

Hi - If you can send me the original image through Dropbox, it’d be very much appreciated. Please let me know if you’ve sent it. Thank you!

After the latest update Topaz Photo AI,
I now get an error message

It’s still not possible to get enough control of the masking brush even with the Tiny setting and especially when there is very little tonal difference between subject and background.
Also, as has been requested many times before, we need a keyboard shortcut to be able to toggle back and forth between Add and Subtract

This version no longer works as a plugin with On1 PhotoRaw 2023. The processing bar runs as normal but no image is returned to On1


PhotoAI shifts the color profile and creates pincushion distortion when processing Fujifilm RAW files (.RAF), both in standalone and as LR plugin via File > Plug-in Extras > Process with Topaz Photo AI . This requires extra steps to fix. SharpenAI and DeNoiseAI do their jobs better, without the color and distortion issues.

Getting an error message when trying to use as plug-in in PaintShop Pro 2023 and also PaintShop Pro 2022.

access violation

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I have the problem that all images vertical shot with my Lumix GX9 are incorrectly rotated by 90°
during loading in the Software. This is a bit annoying. Hope this can be fixed soon.

When I use it as a plugin from my Photoshop CS6, the entire Photo AI app is only showing quarter of screen instead of full screen. The entire app is also not usable since I can’t click on any interface. Windows 11 Home.

App runs fine when being loaded from desktop. All other Topaz apps are working fine as well as plugin or standalone.

Still an unresponsive UI when applying the same settings to all of the photos. It’s like the settings get applied and rendered. After a while the app crashes.
500+ jpegs

This has been a continued issue I’ve been experiencing with PhotoAI, but I’m finding that eye color is frequently being changed in some images when “Recover Faces” is used. I understand that color is being interpreted by AI, but I would like the option to click on a subject and adjust eye color and intensity with a toggle/slider (whatever is determined to be best solution). Thanks!

Just updated to Photo AI 1.1.3 and now when I try to run the filter through Photoshop 2023 (version 24.1.0 on Mac OS Monterey 12.2.1) it crashes Photoshop every time. It runs fine as a standalone application, but the filter / plugin for Photoshop doesn’t work (DeNoise, Gigapixel and Sharpen filters all still work in Photoshop). Hope this gets fixed soon, as I love using the Photo AI tool in my Photoshop workflow.