Topaz Photo AI v1.1.2

@walter.benn I am on a Mac and the version shows at the top of the screen right in the middle. I don’t know if it is different on Windows.

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Hi Walter - on both Mac & Win the version number shows up on the top just in the middle. We will also be adding an About section to the app in future updates :slight_smile:

Just downloaded the latest update. Tried it on a photo of a 70 year old wedding photo of my Mother and Bridesmaid. My mind is totally blown!!! Absolutely unbelievable recovery of their faces! Thanks for a wonderful product.

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New version (1.1.2) fails to process grass when Remove Noise is enabled


Same old problem back again, PAI works fine as a stand alone, but crashes every time I try to use it as a Photoshop plug-in. Had this problem in version 1.1.0, worked fine in version 1.1.1. Now with version 1.1.2, causes Photoshop to crash.

Can confirm fixed:

  • Vertical lines seen in 200%+ zoom are gone.
  • Sharpen subject only, only sharpens the subject.

Issues still present* :

  • Sharpening shifts the whole image or sharpened subject (depending on ‘subject only’ setting) down+right.
    When only the subject is sharpened its alignment relative to the rest of the image is changed, stretching the top/left and squishing the bottom/right.
    [visible in saved output]
    –Recover face undoes its sharpening shift, now misaligning the face from the rest of the image or subject (often the person who the face belongs to).
    [visible in saved output]
  • Remove noise (normal/strong models) strength slider has no influence over the amount of noise reduction applied. The default is successful at removing noise, but a bit too strong creating an artificially smooth look.
  • The actual before/after transition does not line up with the before/after slider at zoom levels of 50% or lower. On the left it’s further left, on the right further right.
  • In zoom levels other than 100% the before preview has a slight crop compared to the denoised/after preview. Toggling visibility or sliding the slider back and forth show this as an apparent shift. Most clearly visible towards edges of the photo.
    [not visible in saved output]

Nice to have:

  • Zooming with scroll wheel to pan the image so that the area under the cursor remains in view.
    Now it ignores the cursor and zooms on the current centre of the viewport.
  • An indication if any lens correction profile was found/applied at all other than having to toggle “apply lens correction” on/off.

Fun fact:

  • Face recovery gives sand-lime stone statues blond hair and brown eyes.

*:all of these found while doing “edit with>process with Topaz Photo AI” from Capture One using zip compressed 16bit TIFF AdobeRGB as export format. Not zip compressing makes no difference.
PC has CPU Intel i5 6600K, RAM 16GB DDR4, GPU AMD RX480 8GB


There is a problem with not being able to handle wide-gamut images.

Pro Photo RGB TIFF (16-bit SDR) original is displayed with incorrect colors (difficult to assess results) and exported without embedded profile (which seems to be correctable after the fact by attaching the correct profile, at least).

As I am tending to move to 32-bit HDR wide gamut images (ACEScg, BT.2020), it seems I am going to be stretching my tools to their limits (already found a few bugs to report in my photo-editor HDR feature set, but that’s another story).

Still crashing when called from Affinity Photo 2.0 as well.

Still crashing for me.

Are there any unsupported characters in the filename or file path? I’ve learn’t that can be an issue and cause unexpected results.

PAI 1.1.2 (didn’t check it with 1.1.1) introduces strange color and halo to my original NEF. The original is the 2nd blue one. The 1st shows more lila and big halo. It only happens when using PAI plugin RAW workflow (LRc) when a DNG is generated. “Edit with” and using TIF does not generate the color shift and halo.

MacBook M1 pro Ventura.

I am using a Mac mini M1 (2020) with Monterey 12.6.2. Are you also on a Mac? I tested with both Affinity Photo 2.0.0 and the Affinity Photo Beta

is there any reason why you all still respond to my reply? i get email ongoing notifications because of this that do not count towards my reply …

My reply is marked as being for Paul_Coddington. I didn’t select to reply to you so I can’t say why you got a notification.

Oh i selected watching instead of tracking that s why. :slight_smile:

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When do you think we have RAW support for the new camera models f.i. Sony A7R5?

Photo Ai’s noise model is still far too aggressive, it simply just removes all texture detail.

Denoise AI retains all the texture detail on the cardigan whilst removing any noise.
I am hoping that Denoise Ai gets the raw image profile upgrade as it still rocks for raw images. I won’t be processing any raw images in Photo Ai anytime soon


I have for a long time used DxO PureRaw and PureRaw2. I tried the latest version of AI and I think the latest version of AI brings out more details than DxO is capable of. Now I am thinking of buying Photo AI and my question is (this question might be biased within this forum), are there any users of DxO PureRaw here who have switched? Attached is sample photos, original raw, DxO PureRaw and Topaz PhotoAI. The photogear is Sony A1 and Sony FE 400mm prime with 1.4 TC.

The updates are great. I would like to see the ability to run multiple copies of the software so that I can process at least 2 simultaneous batches at a time.

Would it run any faster? On my machine it uses most of the available horsepower to do a single image.

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