Selected views resets when switching between input sources


I am upscaling a large number of TV episodes and load them into TVAI so they all appear in the input panel.
When working on dialing in settings, I set the left “View 1” to original and the right “View 2” as the enhancement window. I do this for all videos in the input panel.
These settings however gets reset as soon as I switch input video in the input panel.
As soon as i switch input source, both “View 1” and “View 2” gets reset to the same enhancement window.
It would be incredible useful if the “View 1” and the “View 2” would keep the settings as I have set them when switching between input sources.

System details:
TVAI v4.2.0.0.b
Intel i9 13900k
nVidia RTX 4090

I assume your TV movies are interlaced. if so the bug you seeing is might be related to the below bug.
Your views are getting reset to Proteus and not what you selected.
double check that this is what you seeing in the View settings that it has Proteus and not what you had set.

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