Please do not update to Big Sur Mac OS (Adjust AI & JPEG to RAW only)

Note that the first post in the thread contains the following information on the support page. Adjust AI and JPEG to RAW are yet to be updated …

Launching images with the standalone 2.3.2 from my DAM, Photo Supreme, is lightning fast. The same is true using 2.3.2 as a plugin in Affinity Photo.

It’s been 121 days since macOS Big Sur was released AND 255 days since the macOS Big Sur Developer Beta was released and Adjust AI still does not work. If you recall, last year the CEO of Topaz explained to us in copious detail why Topaz needed to shift to a quasi subscription model. FYI, that’s OK - there is no free lunch. In fact, I’m glad they did - I want my vendors to make money so they can continue to deliver GREAT products. Every company needs to make money - I purchased the Upgrade Plan.

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There is no upgrade plan for Adjust AI as the upgrades are currently free. Topaz have also stated they are working on it.


Thanks for responding. I am a retired Customer Support VP for two Silicon Valley fortune 1000 companies. I know that Adjust AI is not covered under the Upgrade Plan. If you’re OK with 121 days since Big Sur launch.



I suggest you tone down your posts as things you say are totally unnecessary, and I don’t care if you are a retired VP or anything else. You think you can say anything like … take it as a warning as I don’t like editing posts from people who really have no idea … Also take a look at this thread and remember moderate your posts with facts, don’t make personal attacks and be polite about it.

The last couple of months you are the one that is trying to stop any kind of criticism on this forum! It is not normal how it go’s with the updates and I don’t see a reason why you are removing posts and constant criticize people who seem to have a problem with the updates situation. This has nothing to do with moderation of a forum and it feels like personal attacks made by you.

This is my last post on this forum I have had it with Topaz Labs it’s a joke!



Thanks for the feedback and yes I will be polite and my post(s) will be Fact Based.

I did not upgrade to Big Sur. My kids bought me an iMac for XMAS and guess what - it came preinstalled with Big Sur which was 45 days after Big Sur was released. As of this writing, Big Sur was released 125 days ago which is 11+ scaramuccis AND Adjust AI still does not work.

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FYI, this post IS polite and fact based. It’s now 126 days since Big Sur was released and Adjust AI still does not work with Big Sur. In 2012, Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized for the Apple Maps fiasco and articulated a “get well plan”. Just curious, why no statement/“get well plan” from Topaz CEO?


Go to the support website to see any updates:

I put in a support ticket and was told they are aiming to release updates to Adjust and J2R by the end of March. I too have no idea why they don’t come out at a high level and apologize for dropping the ball and clearly communicate what they are doing and their timeline for doing it. They are driving away customers with their lack of communication and general handling of the situation. You mention it has been 126 days since Big Sur was released. Well, its been 272 days since the Big Sur developer beta was released, which is when they should have started fixing the programs.
The very title of this thread “Please do not update to Big Sur” implies the problem lies with customers for updating their OS. It should read “WARNING: some Topaz programs not yet compatible with Big Sur”. Put the blame where it belongs, with Topaz, and leave it up to the customer to decide if it’s worth it to run an out-of-date OS. It should also have that warning on the main product pages, where they are still selling these programs to Mac users.


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Is there finally support for M1 Mac in versions 3 of the Sharpen and Denoise?

Support page on the main website is where you can get the latest information.

Tested it, seem to be supported as far as I understand. :slight_smile:

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Hi. Any news for JPEG to RAW new version? Or Topaz had abandoned this app?

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Same question - when are these going to get fixed?
Especially since we are now PAYING FOR SUPPORT.
It has been over six months.

You aren’t paying for support for JPEG to RAW or Adjust AI.

Support for one year was included in the license. Letting that expire without doing anything, then saying “Ok, we won’t charge you for support this year” is not an acceptable response.

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Any updates to when we’ll see Adjust AI and Big Sur?