Please do not update to Big Sur Mac OS (Adjust AI & JPEG to RAW only)

Note there is an announcement on the Support page of the main website that states that some AI apps do not currently work on Big Sur … make sure you always wait a little when there are major OS updates …

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What about sending a mail to all the Topaz Labs clients? ( I know you are only the moderator and have nothing to do with this! So this is for the Topaz Staff). Why isn’t this all tested during the Big Sur Beta period? Or put it on the public forum/facebook. This message is only placed here 2 hours ago and Big Sur is released for day’s now.


Yes your right I posted it here today because there were a few posts about issues with Big Sur and it has been posted on the main website since 16/11

I have been using GigaPixel AI 5.3.0 extensively since switching to Big Sur: in batch mode and as a standalone. I have encountered 2 very minor bugs, one of which probably exists on earlier versions and the other almost certainly not Big Sur related. Both have been reported on the forum, but not acknowledged by the engineers.
I have also used Sharpen AI a few times, sending from On1 2021. Again, no discernible issues so far.
I haven’t tried DeNoise, but will take a look.
As for JPGtoRAW, I don’t own this and it hasn’t been updated in over a year, so it’s hardly surprising it doesn’t work on Big Sur and maybe not on other platforms either.

Too late for my Mac. I think the already installed versions still work for me, but the latest Gigapixel updater fails. I didn’t know all this when my Mac updated, but I am using Topaz products with Windows most of the time anyway. :slight_smile:

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Gigapixel AI v. 5.3 crashes MacBook Pro Intel running Big Sur. Wish I had known before updating but, despite the fact that I get promos from Topaz, I did not get a warning not to update. Would have been nice to know before I updated.


It doesn’t do that on my MacBook Pro and is running as I type this. I am running in CPU mode with OpenVino

I’ve worked in higher ed IT for just over 20 years and I used to push out any and all Apple updates into the labs immediately. Over the years I learned this was not wise as Apple’s quality control slipped (ie, a few years back one OS update prevented computers on the network from fully booting until a subsequent security update was issued, etc.).

When a completely new Apple OS version is released, it has become very wise to sit back and, at the very least, read the various tech forums to see how it’s going before proceeding yourself. I’ve now joined the cautious crowd that actually waits until an OS release fully matures for a year before installing it – depending on which system is most important to me.

On one work-issued laptop I have been running the Big Sur betas without issue, and quickly and easily updated to the final release no problem. My daily work-from-home iMac is running Catalina. I am writing you from Mojave on another laptop that I don’t intend to update any time soon for various reasons.

With the Big Sur final release, I first noticed there were problems on release day as I went to grab the App Store installer on my Catalina and Mojave computers to tuck away for later use. It was impossible to fully download it for a day or so. I finally managed to get it after trying on several computers in 2 different locations.

Then I began to read about the misery users were experiencing on a wide range of Apple hardware, including computers getting completely bricked and other weird installation anomalies. So that installer I grabbed is like kryptonite and will remain tucked away for now…

So anybody here who went and purposely updated to a point-zero OS release deserves what they got ;-). And this is not even counting the security-related can of worms that has arisen and gotten worse with Apple’s recent OS’s (user data transfers to Apple servers and such…).

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I am keeping 10.15.7.
So many programs not ready for Big Sur.
Tensor Flow is made by Google.

AI Denoise seems to work fine under Big Sur for me (Intel Mabook Air)

I have too many programs that need to be updated before I switch.

November 26 and Adjust AI not woking on Big Sur on Mac.
And up date on when it might be fixed?


I believe it only was released on November 12 and, as reported on the main website, they are working on getting all current products, including Adjust AI, Jpeg to RAW AI, and Studio 2, (not legacy) working on big sur. Although i believe Mask AI is now OK.

FYI I just installed Denoise AI on a M1 MacBook Air and it seems to run just fine - presumably under rosetta.

Running Video Enhance AI just fine under Big Sur (slow but OK)

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I just found this note AFTER upgrading to Big Sur, as I did not see it until after I discovered I had problems.

I am licensed for all the Topaz AI products except Video, AI Adjust and AI Jpeg to Raw will not start and hangs on my iMac 5k w 16GB RAM and MD Radeon R9 M395X 4 GB graphics. The other AI products–GigaPixel, Sharpen, DeNoise, and Video (which I have on trial) all will at least start up.


I’m about to buy an m1 MacBook Air. How does it run on it?! Faster then what you previously had? Does sharpen ai run?

The technical requirements for all products are listed on the Topaz Labs website … Sharpen AI:

Not sure I didn’t try running Sharpen AI.