Please do not update to Big Sur Mac OS (Adjust AI & JPEG to RAW only)

The link you posted above is to the official Topaz website. We users have no ability to modify that. I suggest you issue a request to Topaz support for a similar alert. However, the company IS working on a Big Sur update, which MAY become available this month.

Ok. We wait of course
Topaz can offer a alternative link to download to this versions of software [we can use it - olders version]
You can do that?

My understanding is that no previous version will work on Big Sur. You will need to wait for the update or downgrade to Catalina.

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I am using Denoise and Gigapixel on a MacPro (2019) under Big Sur.
Both programs run fine as they are, but I can not upgrade any more.
When I start the upgrade, no windows are opened and I can not continue.
Any help with that?

Try using the full installer for the latest version of each, rather than the in-app one.

Actually I tried both the integrated updater and the standalone update apps. Both show the same behaviour: They start just fine, then nothing.

same issue on Adjust AI, doest work…only option is to Force Quit…nothing works…

In the first post it actually says that Studio 2 and JPEG to RAW need to be updated. Just wait snd it should be ok.

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Update the software to stable, working versions. We should not be told to not update to the latest versoion of the operating system. This is your obligation towards paying customers. I’ve updated Gigapixel X times since Big Sur came out and it’s so so unstable all the time. Can’t trust it at all. Hope this new latest update makes a difference, dobut it tho.


So, if you think that, why did Capture One have the same notice on their support page? GigaPixel is not affected by BigSur, if in your case it is please raise a support request at the main website.

Seems like I have too. Trying to scale compressed images and it crashes all the time. Not even giving me a bad result, just crash. Mac Book Pro 2020 Intel chip.

What type of compressed image?

A jpg i tuned into tiff. Material for a print production i’m making. It’s small from the beginning but it really should come out as bad or “ok”, not just break the program. It happens frequently. Also, why does it apply the changes to the image and not save a copy? It’s setup to save a copy with the scaled image not overwrite (in case of sucess) the original.

Unless you are using GigaPixel as a plugin etc from Photoshop make sure you open GigaPixel and use the File Open dialog as it will overwrite the original otherwise if you drag the image onto the icon or use File open from finder.

Has there been any news regarding fixing Adjust to work with Big Sur? It’s been months now and nothing…

There are features that i like to use that I can’t replicate in Studio.

See post No. 127 for the last update we had.

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Thank you!! Glad to hear that it hasn’t been forgotten.

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