Please do not update to Big Sur Mac OS (Adjust AI & JPEG to RAW only)

April, 2021 and still not able to run JPG to Raw on Apple Mac, despite being informed it was scheduled to be updated in February. This is unacceptable. Software paid for, but can’t use.

I am on the Apple Beta program so I’ve been running Big Sur for nearly a year. All my apps are now running fine except one. I am perplexed…if you can update every other product but this one it suggests it is inherently flawed.

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There is no cost for support for either JPEG to RAW or Adjust AI

You need to check with support on that, but I don’t believe software companies test Beta operating systems.

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There was a cost for the license, and support for one year was included in the cost … therefore there was a cost for support

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Done. Thank you for pointing that out.

I submitted a Support Request today for a refund for Adjust AI. I paid $99 and as of this writing Adjust AI still does not work with MacOS Big Sur which was released five months ago. I would suggest all others follow suit. This post is polite, germane and in the “Spirit of helping the Adjust AI User Base”. Thanks!


I agree. I will be doing the same thing.

Five (5) months ago today macOS Big Sur was released AND as of this writing Adjust AI & JPEG to RAW AI do not work with Big Sur plus NO feedback from Topaz management as to why or when! In two (2) months the next release of MacOS will commence Beta Testing.

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No point in asking here as this is s user to user forum. If you want an answer raise a support request at the main website.

AiDon - thanks for catching that typo - I meant “!” instead of “?”. I have updated my post. BTW, I participate in 14 forums and this is the ONLY forum where debate and criticism is scrutinized by the moderator.

So you don’t want an answer, just venting?

ibid - I participate in 14 forums and this is the ONLY forum where debate and criticism are scrutinized by the moderator.


I am not a professional photographer but it is more than frustrating that after months I can still not use the software I’ve paid for. I can’t see how any company that wants to be taken seriously by professionals thinks this lack of support for their product is okay. Is some delay acceptable sure I’d be ok with that but months and months of a non-functioning product isn’t acceptable by any stretch of the imagination.

What product?

The two products that still don’t work with Big Sur. Particularly AI adjust is frustrating to me because that is probably the product I use the most.

Try raising a support request at the main website to see if they can give an indication as to when it may be scheduled as this is a user to user forum.

Yes I know it is a user forum and as a user I’m venting a little frustration with Topaz right now in a thread concerning the issues with Big Sur. It seems pointless to submit a support request because any date given wouldn’t carry a lot of weight with me since I’ve already seen some posted dates come and go.

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rosterland - I submitted a support request on 12/5/20

Response - Adjust AI, JPEGtoRAW AI, and Studio 2 are in the process of being updated. Some of these updates should occur this week. Others may take several weeks.

That was 18 weeks ago.

Yeah it is beyond ridiculous at this point. If I was a professional photographer I would have been long gone by this point.


I’m about out of confidence in Topaz labs as a software developer. Their products are OK, but there are other options that are more reliable and dependable in terms of support. Big Sur has been out for many months, and all Topaz can say is “Don’t Upgrade”. That’s a bit difficult if you’ve bought a new computer with Big Sur installed. It’s also a big ask when EVERY other application runs fine on Big Sur, yet Topaz still cannot provide a working application that has been paid for.

This farce is becoming widely known and their brand is going to be hurt.