Gigapixel v6.3.3

v6.3.3: Windows, Mac

Released January 24, 2023


  • Fixed HQ/Standard model artifacts on older Nvidia GPUs (GTX 900 series and below). This fixes cases where colored stripes/bands appear, as well as cases where large blocks of an image or a whole image is blurred out.

v6.3.2: Windows, Mac

Released January 13, 2023


  • Fixed cropping not being applied on export

v6.3.0: Windows, Mac

Released January 12, 2023

Major Changes

  • Improved Standard model with new architecture
  • New HQ model for high quality input images
  • “Fix compression” slider for the controllability over blocky processing or compression artifacts in Standard and HQ models

Other Changes & Fixes

  • Faster first-time model loading speed on Mac
  • Fixed face recovery processing failures on certain NVIDIA GPU models
  • Reduced crashes on Intel GPUs
  • And more UI fixes, e.g., preview idle in comparison view on view selection

Important Note
For those who have model downloading issue, you can go to support team and chat with them They saw and fixed many such cases. If not fixable caused by internet, they can send model downloadable link from cloud storage.


Great update… thanks a lot! :heart_eyes:

First test was good.

Looks great

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Thank you for continuing to support this product. It really is the most important Topaz product in my workflow.


Unfortunately, my first test came out a mess, with…well, check it out for yourselves.
Here’s the original (reduced for upload - original was 6MP):

And here’s the 6.3.0-enlarged version:

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I’m not able to reproduce with your uploaded version. What settings are you using? Is the original a raw file?

Thank you. Works really amazing for me.

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The original is a DNG. I’d have sent the original file, but this board doesn’t allow DNG files.

You would have to share through Dropbox or similar.

Hi - if you can please send me the original DNG through: Dropbox, confirm for me the scale factor & model used, and send me your log file from Help > File Logging > Gather logs for support. Please let me know if you’ve sent me something. Thank you!

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I believe this is a processing issue, prob hardware compatibility related. Can you help talk with support team, and they will pull log and system information to debug.

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I’m sure this is probably not the intended primary use of Gigapixel AI, but I’ve spent some considerable time on restoring old cartoons in version 6.2.2 from scans that were made in quite bad resolution from heavily worn out originals in in order of letting my kids enjoy my childhood heroes…
6.2.2 worked great, with the only caveat that “Very Compressed” often delivered better results than “Art & CG”.

Today I updated to 6.3.0 and the difference is like night/day, with "Art & CG actually delivering great results, and the all over experience is wonderful. Also - 6.3.0 does it’s thing a lot faster than the previous version.

Great job! (tipping my hat for the devs)


whenever i upload an image, the app just closes on it’s own after a few seconds, even happens with the tutorial

ok fixed it, i moved Topax Gigapixel to my D: drive a while back because of space issues, should make it so that updates go to were the app is install and not back in your C: drive

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I just updated to 6.3.0. I must admit that I am really bluffed by the quality of the improvement of the “Standard” model as well as the new “HQ” model. I have not yet tested for faces on this new version. But already there, there is no photo. This version is the best so far. Good job devs.


I tried to uninstall the GAI beta and there is no uninstall.exe file. I then looked at the released version and it is also missing.