Gigapixel v6.2.2

GIGA 6.2.2 shifts colors to a gaudy neon. Especially noticeable if I upscale twice. I’ve reverted back to 5.6.1. But I love the facial AI recovery of 6.2.2

Any way to keep them both on my computer?

The color shift is a serious issue.

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With the release of 6.2.2, the Gigapixel Photoshop plugin seems to fail to initialize on every second or third load. The only workaround for this issue appears to be having to reload the plugin multiple times. This issue seems to occur on my laptop running Windows 11 with an NVIDIA GTX 2070. Is there a known issue with the Photoshop plugin and if so will this be fixed soon?

I want input of AVIF to support.

AMD Radeon VII has 16GB of VRam. For some reason the app can only see 2GB.

GPAI 6.2.2 Face recovery does not work. It works fine in 6.2.0.
(AMD 3900X, 64 GB RAM, 1080Ti)

I have quite a few video cards (we’re a Forensic lab). I always found that card to be underrated. Technically the card is very good, however drivers have been its main issue. Did it act the same way with all other versions or just the version with the issue?
Currently we have the Nvidia cards on the 13th gen Intel chips.
(DDR5 Ram can be a bid squirrelly on those boards due to bios.)
Just curious what mobo, bios and driver version you are running?

Whereas Denoise and Sharpen and Photo can be added as plugins for Paint Shop Pro, Gigapixel still cannot. Can Topaz correct this anomaly please.

GigaPixel needs to use an automate plug-in in order to resize the background canvas in the host app before returning the upsized image. I don’t believe PaintShop Pro supports Automate Plugins, you can check by asking on their forum.

My solution is not as good as having Gigapixel render the colors properly in the first place, but I find that when you run it as a Photoshop plug-in and it returns the upscaled image in a new layer, switching the blend mode to “luminosity” will retain the original colors (from the layer below) but add the new detail on top. It does a pretty good job of fooling the eye.

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Small catch:

  • When sending a ZIP compressed TIFF file to GPAI, the saved output is uncompressed. This differs from the behaviour in e.g. Photo AI, where the format is respected (ZIP compression in = ZIP compression out)

Is GPAI 6.2.2 the last version and everything is Photo-AI now? I can’t actually run 6.2.2 as it crashes, but 6.2.0 is kind-of okay, and scales way better than Photo-AI, which is handy.

I have the same problem. 6.2.0 everything runs ok, but with 6.2.1 and 6.2.1. turning on face refinment and it crashes every time. using nVidia 1060 GTX card. Something is wrong with the new updates for GigaPixel but Topaz seems to be busy working on PhotoAI to fix it. And yet PhotoAI seems to be very buggy as well and far from finished product. Its beta in public testing, masquerading as full release.

For those with v6.2.2 crashing make sure your GPU drivers are up to date from the manufacturers website as I see one of you mentions the GTX1060.

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Win 11 Pro desktop PC - running GAI 6.2.2 as Ps 2023 Plugin. AMD RX6800 XT, Intel i9 12th gen, 64GB RAM.

My installation of GAI 6.2.2 is crashing in Ps 2023 also.

It launches okay via the Automate menu option from my Ps layer.

But - unlike past commercial releases - when I’m in Comparison View and try to change which of the 4 quadrant labels (ie, models used) is highlighted, GAI immediately crashes and takes me back to the Ps UI w/out processing my desired GAI settings changes. It has never done this before for me in prior releases.

When I switch to Split View, trying to upscale and process the same .tif image it doesn’t crash GAI. There’s some kind of issue related at least to the Comparison View. I haven’t tried Side x Side yet b/c I’m in the middle of a project and needed a quick (turned out not so quick) upscale…

I’ll see if I can grab the Logs. @alexander.zhang Topaz Staff - is there a Dropbox where I should send the Logs? I don’t want to post in this forum.
Alexander, I just checked my Program Data folder & interestingly, no Logs were generated… so nothing to send.

UPDATE a bit later:

I just tried both Side x Side & Full Screen (ie, full document window workspace) and switching b/wn models did not crash in either of those views (also run in my Ps 2023 as a plugin). It was only consistently occurring in Comparison View.

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Why? :grin:

When I’ve scanned the logs in past there was a lot of personal info in diff places that I don’t want to have to spend time to redact. :blush:

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I have a RTX2060 running 522.30 Studio Drivers, which were the latest when 6.2.2 came out. (There is a 528.02 but it came out this month and I’ll pass on upgrading for a few days.)

My advice is that you upgrade.

Hello Support,
I am now very upset that the “Topaz Gigapixel AI” app still crashes when saving an image, even in the new version 6.3.2. I have not been able to use the app for several weeks. And no Topaz employee has responded to my post from 27 days ago either. This is very annoying.
Since I work with a Mac, I can’t update drivers either. I work with a Mac mini from 2018 in which an Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB is installed.
I expect them to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
Thank you
With kind regards

v6.3 available.