Gigapixel v6.3.3

Both release and beta versions have the uninstall.exe on my system. But in the past I had an issue with the uninstall.exe being missing when I just installed over a previous version. So I’ve been uninstalling first before installing a new version ever since.

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But the level of detail is really huge :scream: It’s just amazing.


the “standard” and HQ options don’t work properly for me. After correction, the image becomes tragically damaged. Does anyone else have this? The other options work as before, it’s ok.

I think you might have seen similar thing as this user mentioned? Gigapixel v6.3.3 - #10 by james.walley
Prob there is some hardware setup our new models do not cover. Please go to support team and chat with them They will profile the hardware and we can look at this.

I installed over the previous version. Good to know but really Topaz should fix this.


Standard and HQ models vr6.3 only this bug

What is your machine setup? Can I know the CPU and GPU models?

Can you also help go to:
Help->File Logging->Open Log Folder. Can you send me the -Main.tzlog files that you run the above image with the following link. Thank you!

Can you also help go to:
Help->File Logging->Open Log Folder. Can you send me the today’s -Main.tzlog files (according to the created date of the files) with the following link. Thank you!

I’ve just updated to the latest version v6.3.1 and now have a 'Renew Topaz Gigapixel AI" warning stating my updates ran out in March 2023, but its still January! Can you please help? See screenshot attached, its obviously not right, my account email which I’ve hidden is the same as as I use here.

Screenshot 2023-01-13 223619

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In this version, if I crop a image and save it the saved image is without the crop.

Gigapixel AI 6.3.2 only works in preview. When exporting, nothing works. Intalled 6.3.0 and all runs fine. Win11 I9 Gen10 32 GB RTX 3080 16GB Laptop and Alienware eGPU RTX 3090 FE.

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It won’t let me download the model component thingy. I have tried multiple times. Keep getting an error message. I disabled all firewalls and spam protection. Now I can’t get any work done for the next 4 days thanks to the US public holiday. Not happy.

I have been working with the new Gigapixel Version 6.3.2 for about an hour. It superimposes strange bands of colors over my enlarged images in “Standard” mode but works fine in “LowRes” mode.

i useing all gpus

Uploaded the relevant files to your Dropbox (it took me a couple of tries – hope it all came through). The DNG is 2000x3008, and I used Gigapixel to enlarge it to a width of 4022. I used the automatic settings.

I sent the files to Yazi. Hope that will work.

Glad to see Gigapixel is still evolving.

As of 6.2.2 Gigapixel has been still giving me better results than Photo AI for animation art and scanned CD covers, especially removing JPEG compression artifacts and remnents of printing dots that survived overscanning and reduction.

It has been an excellent clean-up and rescue tool, even just cleaning up over compressed images without resizing them.

Hope this still holds true (although I suspect the difference is temporary as Photo AI seems more optimised for clean real life photos at the moment).

6.2.2 still had a glitch where “preserve format” always converts the image to sRGB rather than preserve the original gamut, sometimes from TIFF to JPG as well.

6.2.2 still cannot cope with wide gamut photos in BT.2020 either (forcing a Pro Photo RGB intermediate conversion). There has been an intermittent bug where results are displayed but cannot be saved, which I can’t pin down the cause of (output file identical to input file despite preview showing clear difference).

One thing that would really be good to see in the future would be support for 32-bit images in all Topaz products, as we are now in a time when HDR displays are well established enough that it would be a shameful waste to have to convert HDR scans of slides to SDR to use AI based sharpening and enlargement. Scanned Kodachrome slides look far more lifelike on HDR displays than SDR photos do, and I think this is the way of the future.


Same here.

Hi - please re-open the app and update to v6.3.2. It should resolve this issue for you.

Hi - just wanted to know if you’ve already updated to v6.3.2? It should resolve the crop issue. Please let me know if you’re still running into any problems. Thank you.