DeNoise 3.5.0


Mac OS minimum version has been bumped to 10.14. If you are on High Sierra you will need to update to Mojave or later.

Currently, launching DeNoise AI in External Editor mode on Mac OS using certain host applications—such as ON1 Photo RAW or Capture One—is not working properly. If you need to use DeNoise AI in External Editor mode with these host applications, please install DeNoise AI v3.2.0. We apologize for this inconvenience and are working on a resolution.

This temporary issue is required to allow Open With and dragging and dropping an image onto the app from overwriting images unknowingly. Using Open With or dragging and dropping an image onto the app should now open in standalone mode where you can save a copy of the image rather than overwriting it.

Update: The above should be resolved with a new save as dialog coming in a subsequent version.

Released January 20th, 2022

Windows: Online | Full
Mac: Full

Change log:

  • New theme for the app
  • Added ability to use eraser end of tablet stylus to erase mask
  • Added current mask to the navigator while in masking mode
  • Changed error “0” message on login to be more explicit about what may cause it (firewall/AV)
  • Removed “Error: CANCEL” text when canceling an export
  • Added an info box to prevent users from accidentally running the app from the DMG instead of installing (Mac only)
  • Remove All button removed when in external editor mode
  • Masking and Remove Image buttons now hidden when exporting
  • Progress bar for exporting should now only show on currently exporting image
  • Re-worded Side-by-side View → Side-by-Side View
  • Re-worded Re-Install Photoshop Plugins → Install Photoshop Plugin
  • Changed in-app update flow to support old install path on Mac


  • Fixed Wacom tablet not pressing buttons and not releasing when panning
  • Fixed various images and icons being blurry (login, close buttons, app logo)
  • Fixed “Cancel” button missing from plugin and external editor mode
  • Fixed DJI FC220 and Hasselblad L2D-20C DNG output
  • Fixed view mode switching being enabled while masking
  • Fixed Photoshop plugin not processing correctly in auto update mode
  • Fixed text elision in the output path in save dialog
  • Fixed collapse toggle being enabled when exporting
  • Fixed Add and Remove All buttons being enabled when exporting
  • Fixed switching out of comparison view leaving the wrong model selected sometimes
  • Fixed canceling an export causing the image canceled to not save next time
  • Fixed padding in the watermark warning dialog
  • Fixed padding in the feedback dialog
  • Fixed a crash in the feedback dialog
  • Fixed Save Image/Apply being enabled when no images are selected
  • Fixed auto not being reset when typing in or using hotkeys to change slider values
  • Fixed completed icon being removed when no changes were made

Known Issues:

  • Studio 2 integration on Mac requires the user move the .app back to the old location (/Applications/Topaz Labs LLC/Topaz DeNoise AI/Topaz DeNoise
    – This is required because Studio 2 checks this path directly.
    – If you do not use Topaz DeNoise AI inside of Studio 2 as a plugin, please don’t use this path.

In app installation failed on my M1 Mac mini running Monterey.Downladed quickly from the link provided above.
I am not sure what the devs think the issue is with On1 Photo Raw. I am able to run it both as a plug-in and by using the Open in command. The former returns a layer to PR, the latter enables one to edit a Tif or Jpg copy and this saves back to the same folder with the DeNoise model appended.
I also ran it quickly as a standalone and it seems to be working fine there too.
It could be my imagination but it seems to be running slower that the previous version, even though now optimised for M1.

In what way did it fail? Did you move the .app outside of the base /Applications folder by chance?

This is the issue. External editor mode is supposed to save over the copy, not save a new copy. Although maybe in your use case the saved copy is expected. I’m not sure what the default flow for On1 Photo Raw is, but generally external editors like Lightroom and Capture One use the overwrite method which currently only works in Lightroom.

In the future we’re reworking the save as dialog and part of that will include an “overwrite” toggle, which will allow both your current flow and the expected external editor flow to work regardless of how the app was opened.

I just got a screen saying installation failed. It didn’t give a reason, if I recall correctly.
I see what you mean about it not over-writing the copy. That was still there in the folder. The de-noised version was in addition to that. In some ways I prefer that, as it saves me having to rename the copy to remind myself what changes had been made. But you are correct that it’s not what most people would expect. (Plus I now prefer the plug-in route)
Regarding speed, I checked and it had opened in CPU mode. I switched to Apple M1 to get the ultra-fast speed again. Is there no way that could be the default, since many users might not know that they can change it?

Will this now work with Photos on a Mac? Previous 3.4 versions would not save the processed image to the source folder, only to the desktop. Currently using 3.2, but hesitant to upgrade unless I know this has been fixed.

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For anyone wondering, there is still no RAW support for Z9 files in this update

I’m nervous of updating on my Monterey M1 Mac because the previous DeNoise kept crashing. The only solution was to open with Rosetta. Is this still the case please?


I have had no issues with crashing on my M1 Mac mini. Neither this nor the previous (Universal) version. I have 16GB RAM.

With the current version of deNoise I have had a number of times, that my screen went black. My Radeon graphics card was suddenly missing the AMD driver software. With no other program I hadthese problems. Only at deNoise.

Is this issue now also fixed with this update?

After having major issues with DN3.4.2, DN3.5 is a welcome relief. Installed and have no issues thus far.
Thanks Topaz for being pretty quick on getting this much needed update out.

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Thank you for your reply. I know it’s strange, but it crashes every time for me. But it’s fine when I use rosetta!

I guess that it’s my turn for a failed release. I’ve tried with a number of photos and 3.5.0 always has the same suggestion (Standard 19/55) and makes no change to the image regardless of what model or preferences are selected. I’ll roll back and try again with the next release.

Windows 10
RTX 2070 8GB

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“Mac OS minimum version has been bumped to 10.14. If you are on High Sierra you will need to update to Mojave or later.”

lovely, well that’s me out of the Topaz world, since i am on 10.13.6 (the last OS version that allows me to run Adobe Photoshop CS6) … nice!!!

Still crashing in standalone mode batch processing after 60 - 100 images, RAW model, PNG output on a M1 Mac mini as a native app.

Seem to works fine in Rosetta.

Does this only happen in this scenario? (RAW model batch with 60+ images) And do you have logs you can send me?

It might be a memory issue, but it’s weird it only happens in native mode. Another possibility is a random photo in that batch is handled incorrectly which should show up in logs.

Win10 / v21H2 / build 19044.1466

Just a quick post to say how pleased I am with this build! The algorithms are quite appropriate for starting points (I almost always go manual settings).

I am most impressed with the RAW module on my Canon CR2 and CR3 files! I pulled out a CR2 night shot (from 2014)when I was trying some Milky Way test - they are very noisy but DN v3.5 cleaned up the RAW and gave me a great TIF to then process in Sharpen AI, NIK Viveza 3 and Luminar 4.

He probado al nueva version DE NOISE v3.5.0 para Photoshop para Windows y es una maravella. Fantasic (203.1 KB)

Doesn’t seem to be a particular image, it gets a varying number of files though, 62 last time and 67 this run that generated the above logs. I’d have to find a 100 odd DNG’s a shift them over to my M1 Mini to properly test.

I’ve tried runs using Standard model and Low Light model runs (both DNG to PNG), they both processed all the images.
I also tried a Raw model, DNG to JPG, which crashed (after 71 photos), so it seems its DNG → not DNG with RAW model that crashes.

Here’s the crash report
DN_crash.txt (90.6 KB)

Crashing work flow is Start DeNoise AI, drop a folder of images (370 DNG’s), click Select All, Click the save button, select PNG for output format, Start Processing.

You’re calling this a plugin , but now that Photoshop has a separate plugins panel, why does Topaz still run from the filter menu? I use your products and find them very helpful, but although you can access them from within Photoshop, they don’t really run within Photoshop like we might expect a plugin to do. I gather this is on purpose? Why?

When I tried to download from the link in the email, I got a threat warning from Windows. I did not get a warning from Avast, my security program.