"DeNoised" file size reduced

Continuing the discussion from DeNoise 3.5.0:

Has anyone had a problem with the 3.5 upgrade making the “DeNoised” file smaller? All the JPG files I “DeNoised” with the 3.5 update went from their original sizes of 8-12mb before “denoising” to 2ish mb after. If I want to make a large print of these images, the file size will be too small. When I processed images in the previous version they stayed close to the same size. Any thoughts? Also, how can you revert to the previous version? Thanks in advance.

I had that exact issue today - found your question when I was looking for a solution. Have you ben able to find a solution? I have a ~24MB file that I ran through Denoise 3.5 and now it’s a 4.3MB file. I don’t recall that happening to that degree in the past. I don’t know if I can revert back, but I may just delete and reload an earlier version

I too have been concerned with the smaller file sizes and the absence of any explanation from Topaz Labs. I don’t see how there can’t be a loss of quality with a substantial reduction in file sizes. As such, I reverted back to version 3.3.4 which seems to be the last version that does not result in a reduction. I have version 3.5.0 running on a second computer, but I am not comfortable with the output from it. I suppose it will save me money on future upgrades.

I am having this same issue all of a sudden with Sharpen. It was fine a couple of weeks ago and now all of a sudden it is reducing image file sizes substantially. Example: 18mb jpg is now reduced to 5mb jpg after processing it through Sharpen.

Here is a reply I got from support in regards to the same issue with Sharpen. He mentioned DeNoise in his reply to me, but meant Sharpen. They did the same thing with Sharpen that they did with DeNoise:

"Thanks for reaching out!

This is expected behavior with JPEG files in v3.4 of DeNoise AI. Our max JPEG output quality went from 100 to 95, which reduces the file size dramatically since it’s now able to compress slightly instead of blowing up the image size.

We’ve made this change to reduce the file size given that JPEGs still lose color information as it’s not lossless. The quality difference should be negligible."

All of my images are RAW files, DeNoise still reduce the size to be too small to be used.

But if I save my RAW image as TIFF, the size is okay.

Very strange feature. I hope I did not update the software.

I am getting a smaller image in physical size out than the raw file. I want a jpg the smae size how do I do this?

The same thing is suddenly happening to me making this program unusable!