DeNoise 3.2

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Release July 14th, 2021
Windows: Online | Full
Mac: Online | Full

Major Changes:

  • Added better handling for RAW color support
    – Option defaulted to true in preferences
    – Currently does not get saved to DNG output
  • Added metadata support for CR3 and HEIC files
  • Updated installer framework
    – Improved installers compatibility when running on macOS M1
    – Improved uninstaller launching process on Windows
    – Fixed installers crashing on some macOS 10.14.6 environments
  • Updated lens correction database (See list below)


  • Fixed resolution metadata having the wrong units or values in some cases
  • Fixed saving in batch mode sometimes defaulting to the wrong extension
  • Fixed saving to TIFF/DNG crashing on certain tags

Minor Changes

  • Added borders around menus to make them stand out better
  • Changed sliders visuals slightly
  • Toggling lens correction and then re-loading an image should re-load with correct setting

Lens Correction Additions:

  • Canon
    – EOS 850D
    – EOS Rebel T8i
    – EOS Kiss X10i
  • Fujifilm
    – X100V
    – X-E4
    – X-T4
    – X-S10
  • Panasonic
    – DC-G90
    – DC-G91
    – DC-G95
    – DC-G99
  • Sony
    – ILCE-1

Where can we see the list for all Lens Correction?

Why is RAW color support not get saved to DNG output? I mean that is very important since much like DXO pure raw it would allow for further development of the RAW file with no noise. Its important feature, so I’m wondering what is the problem of not having it right now? DNG should be open source RAW format.


Damn good question about DNG’s, I’d like to know the answer to this one too.


The entire list of cameras is public and can be found here:

Edit: Actually, looking at that list it doesn’t keep track with what they have currently. You’d have to go through the XML files to see all the cameras currently supported:

Because of the way DNG stores color data I was not able to have the new color changes saved into the file without the output being even worse than it is currently. Basically there’s a table inside the DNG that it uses to render colors and the table we write was wrong for the new changes. Because of this I decided to just keep our current output for DNG until we can fix this.

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There are various options in the save panel including save to dng and source. That’s the good news. The bad news (at least for me) processing a 18mb raw image (olympus orf) is extremely slow on my 2015 Retina MBP (16mb RAM) for both default GPU (Intel Iris Pro 1536mb) or CPU (2.8 quad core i7) settings. Each took almost 30 minutes to process an image converting from orf to dng (125mb). I usually use my 2017 27" iMac for processing images, however, I’m traveling.

Lens used for the ORF was Olympus Pro 40-150 zoom f2.8

You just re-affirmed my decision to switch to the more fast and reliable competitor (D-no-name-O). Also, my medical guts get hurt every time when I see the comments running in Topaz apps, “grouping neocortical nodes…”, “neural nodes…”, “synapses…” etc. Is this sarcasm towards AI? I would prefer to see something professional or just plain language rather than this “neurologish” mess.


Thanks for the list. I was expecting some formal list somewhere you guys keep on your website. It would be helpful to know which cameras and lenses as well, are supported.

About the DNG explanation, I can’t say I’m a developer so I don’t understand the technical side, but I assume we will see that in the near future.

Do you plan Panasonic/Sigma/Leica full frame lens corrections for L-mount Leica/Panasonic S1, S1R cameras?

Hi…I just updated my Denoise and was updated to version 3.1.2. How do I get version 3.2?

A raw image is a black and white image, the raw converter assigns the colors to the image when converting (call in the software). If you can do it exactly like that it would be the best I think.


I’ve update Denoise to this latest version… but even with the latest Nvidia STUDIO Drivers (v. 471.11), i have the same “Processing Error”, but only with the “Standard” AI Model… with che “Low Light” model, no problem.

Can you fix this bug? Thanks

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  1. This is a user-to-user forum, you should call Topaz support with this (and similar) issue(s).
  2. Topaz funs at this forum will tell you this is not Topaz but Nvidia bug. In fact, Topaz has very narrow compatibility margin with drivers.
  3. Whoever to blame, the only working solution for you may be to revert to an older Nvidia driver (e.g. 462.59).

A raw file is not an image (i.e. pixel graphic file) at all but it does contain color information which raw converters use to build the image. It just seems that Topaz did not accommodate this part of conversion properly (yet). Looking at other changes, I do not see anything really “major” which makes this version 3.2 rather than 3.1.3. Perhaps they have bonuses paid for timely release of updates, even incomplete and/or buggy.

They just take from Lensfun whatever is available.
And, at this user-to-user forum you may or may not get Topaz response :blush:

What version are you on? I believe we removed those placeholder texts several versions ago.

@ivkuzmin is right, we just take what lensfun provides. We do not add lenses ourselves. If you are missing a lens, then you can go to their github and look up their contribution guide. However that might be a bit cumbersome.

On 2.x.x, no point to switch to 3.x.x based on their performance and my needs.

I have the same issue, once again. The recent updates do not work properly, despite having the newest Nvidia drivers.

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I talked to support and they said the following:

The most recent driver from Nvidia has a bug. We have notified Nvidia and they advised that they’ve fixed the bug and the fix should be released on July 20th. For now, the easiest solution is to revert back to the May Studio Nvidia driver for your graphics card on their website: Nvidia Driver Update Page

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Hi all,

I am still using the older version of Camera Raw ( and since updated to DeNoise 3.2 I can no longer open the DNG file in Camera Raw. If I rolled back to 3.1.1 there is no issued.
Just wonder that is it the DNG produced by DeNoise 3.2 is not compatible with older version of Camera Raw (

Thank you.