Topaz Video AI v3.1.0

Hello Everyone!

We have a new release of Topaz Video AI with significant performance improvements and a new AI model.

Released January 17th, 2023.

Download: Windows , Mac .

Changes from v3.0.12:

  • Faster processing for all models
  • New AI model for Motion Deblur (Themis)
  • Faster preview playback
  • Chronos, Chronos Fast, and Full Frame Stabilization uses TensorRT models on NVIDIA machines
  • Noise and Grain settings are same as v2.6
  • All filters and environment variables have been renamed to tvai from veai
  • Export as generates intermediate files in the Export directory
  • Stability improvement
  • Misc. bug fixes and improvements

Known Issues:

  • Apollo model is temporarily turned off to improve its quality
  • In rare cases, if the process gets stuck using the Themis model, close the process and process again

Submit files here: Dropbox

Please take a look at the Video Roadmap Update for more context on what we’re focusing on right now. Thanks in advance for your feedback!



I submitted first like (again).


Just installed v3.1.0 and now it tells me my license has expired :unamused:
Previously we were promised on here that existing software licenses would remain valid for all v3.x updates


Same here


This is just my personal opinion, but I feel like this update should of been delayed to ensure the Apollo model is available for the end user. I believe updates should have feature parity with previous releases unless there is a good reason for the removal of a feature. Removing a feature because “we wanted to improve it but couldn’t get it done in time for this release” is kind of annoying from a end users point of view.

For example, I use Apollo in combination with Proteus to upscale my videos.
Now that Apollo has been removed from the latest release, and I want to make use of the performance improvement offered by this update, I need to have two versions of TVAI installed and combine them together to get the result I want.

I know I can use Chronos or Chronos Fast as a substitute in the meantime, but I’ve picked Apollo for my framerate interpolation due to it’s better handling of the content I give it, and so reverting to a Chronos variant is a downgrade for me.


I took that more as “Apollo is already broken and we want to reduce the amount of complaints about it.” I have noticed odd moving patches from using it in the last three movies.


me too :frowning:

Prompted to update, now it is saying that my license has expired.


Is there any ETA on when Apollo will be back?
I use it a lot in my video production workflow and this is reason enough for me not to update despite the promised speed improvements.


the known issues with Apollo in the last Beta phase were

  • Apollo Sharpen model has artifacts at the beginning of the video.
  • Apollo models throw an “out of memory” error on Mac.

Well could have at least release the Apollo soft model for Windows users. It was working fine the last time I tested it.

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I don’t really care at this point about my expired license, because this software has turned into something a person with university degree would struggle with. Before version 3, this discussion forum wasn’t filled with technobabble about ffmpeg, which apparently one will need to fully understand to get anything useful out this software. I looked at the ffmpeg documentation and my jaw dropped. I don’t have the time nor the interest in learning ffmpeg or any other tool, that would be required to get reasonable output from the current version Video AI. All I want to do is upscale my SD video and get output which is a little bit better than what I put in. I could do this version 2.XX, but not with 3.XX. I’d rather spend $149 on something useful, rather than pay good money to beta test software.


No PAR conversion options in 3.1.0, can’t convert to square pixels? 3.0.12 was crashing for me on Mac, so back to 3.0.11 … It’s good to see things being worked on and improved, but I’d prefer less frequent updates that are better tested for stability and don’t just remove core features that upset our workflows. I’d suggest creating a separate beta stream for those that want to test; keep mainline updates stable.

Edit: Was a coincidence about missing PAR options; bad file. Giving 3.1.0 another go.

There is already a Beta stream. Users just need to sign up for it.

This version has improved a lot. You guys are incredible! Keep with the good work


Ah, hadn’t noticed. But however Topaz do their testing, I’d still prefer more stable and consistent mainline releases.

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I agree

This is completely unrelated and im not sure where else to ask as im still new to this forum BUT,
is there a specific encoder I should be using solely for quality. I have plenty of storage space but I dont EVER want to skimp on the encoding :3 IM running a RTX 3080

Anyone got the CLI to work on this version? It opens and starts to almost do something, then closes without a message.

Image output. The next best thing they offer out of the box is ProRes.

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