Topaz Video AI 4.2.0

Hello everyone,

We have a new release available with some significant new features.


Changelog from 4.1.2

  • First public beta plugin release for Davinci Resolve
    • Video AI is now available within Davinci Resolve as an OpenFX plugin. This first release includes all Enhancement models + Motion Deblur for both Windows and macOS.

    • The OpenFX plugin can be installed either during app installation (automatic on Windows and an optional checkbox on macOS) OR after app installation from the “Plugins” button in the app’s top menu bar.


    • The OpenFX plugin can be used in both the Edit workspace and as a Node within the Color workspace

  • Aion Frame Interpolation model
    • More accurate motion estimation for high-resolution inputs.

    • Reduced artifacting and ghosting when compared with Apollo and Chronos.

    • True 16x slow motion without duplicate frames.

    • Improved temporal consistency.

    • Can reduce tiling artifacts depending on available VRAM.

    • No TensorRT support in this release.

  • 3D LUT option in Export panel
    • Process log footage directly in Video AI by selecting a .cube file to apply during exports


  • Low Disk Space Warning System
    • When queuing items for export, Video AI will now warn if the selected output disk is low on space. This threshold is fully customizable from the Preferences → Advanced menu.


Other Changes & Fixes

  • Changed Previews/Exports sections to use tab buttons to toggle display.
  • Fixed bug where renamed FHD presets still have the previous preset as a duplicate.
  • Fixed bug where some codec names caused the export button to overlap.
  • Fixed bug where file names containing '#' were truncated in "Export As" dialog.
  • Fixed bug where FPS is doubled when reading interlaced video files and caused errors for Frame Interpolation.
  • Added options to append original filename and model names to image sequence export settings.
  • Fixed various rotation issues.
    • Fixed bug where cropping a rotated image sequence did not display the full frame.
    • Fixed bug where Auto Letterbox/Pillarbox crop was done incorrectly for rotated videos.
    • Fixed bug where switching inputs would reset rotation in preview views.
    • Fixed bug where input video thumbnails did not correspond to changed rotation.
    • Fixed bug where rotation metadata was not read when files were imported.

Known Issues


  • On first launch, you may need to manually enable the Video AI OpenFX plugin from Resolve's preferences menu:

  • TensorRT is not currently supported on NVIDIA cards.
  • It is recommended to enable "Show All Video Frames" in the Edit workspace when using the Enhance plugin.
  • image

  • Nyx performance is significantly slower compared to the in-app model.

Video AI app

  • Aion requires macOS 13.0+
  • Batch processing selection can overwrite FPS output.
  • EXR/DPX Exports may lose input frame number.
  • Inconsistent “Preview X frames” enable status.
  • Looping previews has a stutter.
  • Live preview can have frame de-sync.
  • More previews can result in play-clicked-to-playing latency

    I have an old 29.97 fps .wmv file that was importing at 59.94 fps for the last four or five builds. This build is importing it at 23.975 fps, which is not 2X but is still wrong. Also, the file cannot be processed. Preview is greyed out and Export returns an error. This is the only file I have that does this, so there’s definitely something not right in the source. But whatever it is, it doesn’t prevent TVAI 3.5.4 from importing and processing the file correctly.


    There’s something wrong with custom presets… they used to cause minor issues (i.e. the model would load different than what the preset is saved as). Now for some reason if I have a custom preset as my default preset it prevents me from making previews at all even if I change settings. I had to change my default preset from a custom preset to none and it seems to have worked.

    Hey there I’m trying to use the plugin for resolve, but I don’t see it under the openfx area, do you need to paid version of resolve or can you use the free version with this plugin? and is there a way to uninstall them from resolve to try to reinstall them?

    keep erroring out in the new release

    2024-02-28-01-07-4-Main.tzlog (169.2 KB)

    edit: it’s the aion frame interpolation, I switched and it didn’t error

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    For me, having a simple brightness / contrast / saturation / gamma correction would be much more useful.


    The free version of Resolve does not support plug-ins.
    You need to use the paid version.

    And why does the free version of Resolve support the Neat Video plugin? I work with him…

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    I wonder if it took 2 hours to process in Resolve and 48 hours to process in TVAI, now if you use TVAI as a plugin in Resolve, then Resolve will process video for 48 hours?

    Try putting it through Handbreak under a different codec format, like h.265 -h.264 mp4 and keep all image quality and fps the same as the original then try using that file.

    Tried with paid but older version of Davinci (18.1.3) but the OFX plugin does not show up even though it says Topaz Video AI.ofx.bundle Loaded successfully. Restarting Davinci does not fix.

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    Please, don’t.
    TVAI is good for two things - upscaling and framerate conversion.
    Trying to squeeze in any other functions will make it bloated and unusable.


    Totally disagree.
    The most basic things like trim, crop, and brightness/contrast/saturation/gamma are a must.


    I installed this new version and tested Proteus V4 in the Standalone application. OK. The necessary models are downloaded in the Models Directory.


    I tested the plugin with DVR 18.6.5. On the other hand, during the 1st launch, there was a new download when I applied Proteus. Surprised to find that it was the V3 version that was downloaded. Why is the V4 version not used?


    Had a full crash when starting up while DaVinci Resolve was rendering. Log is here:

    This new version does not start off in the best possible way (for me):

    @tony.topazlabs Any ideas on how I can solve the problem??! :melting_face:


    This is a Stable release… it’s active TensorRT for AION in this stable release or not??

    Small problem in using the Lut recorded in a preset.
    If we select several clips in a trend and apply the Preset. If we click on export (several files): the LUT is not applied in “Apply Lut”. Solution: Export the Preset Clip by Clip.

    Example of Lut generated from Davinci Resolve/Dehancencer Pro, Film Profile Kodak Vision3 200T + a slight tonal contrast. To test ?

    Dehancer-rec. 709-Kodak_vision3_200t-33.cube (33x33x33) (361,4 Ko)

    Tried a fresh installation, but it’s crashing too.

    I see there are only problems with this update. This is not reassuring.
    I’ll wait for the next update in 2 weeks.