Topaz Photo AI v2.0.7


This week we have a fix for the brightness issue affecting some Mac computers when using Sharpen v2. Please let us know if there are any remaining issues.

As always, a full change log is below.

Please give us any feedback or report issues with this release. We’ll be updating TPAI regularly to address those pieces of feedback and issue reports. If there’s a specific image you’d like us to see, you can send it us at this dropbox link.

Released October 26th, 2023
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Changes since 2.0.6:

  • Added camera profile for Sony ILCE-7CM2
  • Added ability to set preferences to downscale via width, height, and longest/shortest edge
  • Fixed brightness shift in Sharpen Standard V2 on Mac M1/M2
  • Fixed bug where switching to different preference menu resets custom resolution
  • Fixed incorrect naming for Face Recovery in preferences
  • Updated lensfun definitions

Thx for your note re: 2.0.6, Adam. I saw it after the forum was closed.

I previously sent a silent .mp4 in past wk showing what happens from Ps layer to File > Automate back to Ps layer. Uploaded via Dropbox link. Yazi may have it… I got ack of receipt from the Dropbox auto responder.

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thanks for update. All I have to do now is install and try out this new minor update.

Noise removal tint on RAW is still there ( tested with iPhone DNG file )

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Since version 2.x, in stand alone mode, when opening multiple RAW files, the thumbnails for all CR2 and CR3 files are not displayed until I select the appropriate image. I can NOT see from before which image I am opening. The previews of old NEF files (Nikon D750) are displayed immediately after loading in Photo AI! The problem existed at the beginning, but was solved at the latest with releases V1.3 or so.


I’m going crazy, the CLI is yet again completely broken in this release
Error | [CLI] Engine canceled processing

At TopazLabs: Once fixed, could you please add an autopilot preference to always force “sharpening” and “remove noise” (additional entry in “Enable when” saying “Always On”). It’s the only thing I still can’t force for the CLI (if it works) - and there are many cases, when a picture is blurry and PAI doesn’t see it that way. I know what pictures need sharpening (I named them with a _blurred suffix), so I need some sort of way to force PAI CLI to sharpen them. Thanks.

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Now that you say it… I have thought about that one a couple of times the last few weeks. There are no thumbnails anymore for CR3? (No idea when they went away, just know I don’t have them)

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I have just opened a service ticket


Well to be fair you are using an iPhone. Get a real camera. This aint magic its photography.

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What kind of comment it is. It is not hardware that makes the photo looks good. For your info I do have a lot of cameras and lenses but it is not relevant. The point is that there is a color shift during processing and let’s focus on this issue.


If you where a photographer you would understand why the color is shifting. The subject is too far away and the change it is doing is very minimal. The change is minimal to the point that you can use Photoshop or GIMP (free alternative) to fix it very simply. Your welcome.

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And to add to that what you are using very much impacts what the AI improves. The iPhone camera sucks for stuff at long distances as it is. iPhone is only good for general shots, macro, and portraits IMO. Its video is okay but the glare is horrible. Sorry to say but I don’t think you will get too much more out of it without photoshop editing and Adobe Lightroom editing.


This does not work for me when using from lightroom classic. Image is tiny and distorted and always goes to 4 X expansion. Something not right with this. Using it on HDR image

Do you have your Edit > Preferences set to auto expand?

I have always loved the face AI and what it does to old images but I noticed a weird thing happening more often ever since 2.0 lunched. It seems in very old photos it gets a little confused and thinks one subject is more than one. Of course I understand that the AI can only do so much but it seems to struggle with black and white sometimes. See example below where I used the Photoshop colorize Neural filter before upscaling vs just upscaling a b&w photo. My main concern here is for people who use autopiolot and the AI may select all quote “Subjects” in the shot.

See also Face is idenfieded twice
and yuan.liang’s assessment of the situation:
Topaz Photo AI v2.0.6 - #34 by yuan.liang

@yuan.liang: Is 2.0.7 already equipped with the bigger face recognition model you talked about?


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Want to make sure I understand it clearly.
For the screenshot 3, how did you select 3/3 faces? Was it default to be 3/3, or it was 1/3 from autopilot.

I selected them myself but I have been doing a ton of recovs today for a project and have seen a few instances of the autopilot selecting all 3. I would then re-open topaz and upscale and select face manually. I also found opening the image in Photoshop and using their face recov and not upscale helped topaz identify faces better.

Hi. I was in the midst of batch processing 225 jpgs on 2.0.7 when TPAI quit. It made it through 43 images before it quit. Last week, I batch-processed a collection of 600 jpgs with no problem. I am running the software on a Mac Studio M2 Ultra with 64GB of RAM and using Sonoma 14.0.

Other than that, I have been loving the new TPAI, including this week’s addition of controls for image downsizing. Great job everyone.