Topaz Photo AI v1.4.3


This week we have lots of smaller fixes and improvements around the app. The full change log can be found below.

Please give us any feedback or report issues with this release. We’ll be updating TPAI regularly to address those pieces of feedback and issue reports. If there’s a specific image you’d like us to see, you can send it us at this dropbox link.

Released July 27th, 2023
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Note for MacOS users: The new minimum supported OS version is now 11.0 (Big Sur).

Changes since 1.4.2:

  • Fixed issue where files would sometimes overwrite other files due to a race condition
  • Fixed some issues where shortcuts could be used while Autopilot was running
  • Fixed issue where “Processing” text on export dialog would overlap the scrollbar
  • Fixed brush size preview being shown at incorrect times
  • Fixed exporting the same file multiple times always appending and new “-2” instead of incrementing
  • Fixed some models getting re-downloaded when updating
  • Fixed resolution unit being used even when upscale is turned off
  • Added Shift + M and Shift + T shortcuts to preview Subject and Text masks
  • Added tooltips to models and settings in the right panel
  • Added “T” shortcut to enter text masking mode
  • Reset crop button is now disabled when nothing would change
  • Save button in preferences is now disabled unless there are changes
  • Shortcuts for various edit modes (C, F, M) are now toggle-able instead of just entering the mode
  • Several smaller menu and and shortcut changes

Known Issues:

Issues where files were being overwritten with different image data should be resolved, but in some cases where processing would have overwritten the wrong file it will now instead show “Error writing image”. You can always re-attempt to save any files that have this error. We will have a better fix for this in the future. Also due to the previous versions overwriting image data immediately, processing may feel slower but this is just because more images are being fully processed.


Windows download not working - wrong link?

Ignore - solved by clearing cookies.

Upgraded from within the program.

I like the introductory UI

Square patches in the lens blur model, but not the others

Thumbnail orientation not matching the preview

still see pink sky in some images. Used to be able to eliminate it with setting changes, but not in current release.

Auto pilot has no noise reduction and the result is not a great image.

This image suffers more from jpeg compression than noise, but the strong denoise model gives nice results.

Interesting effect if you crank up the Normal denoise settings. Similart to glow in studio.


Photo AI is autocropping images.

As above, these purple artifacts are appearing.


Why would issues like these need to be reported here and not be caught by the internal QA?

Dear Topaz team, you have an extraordinary algorithm for extracting image detail and denoising, why not take one more step and make it extraordinary quality product - by thoroughly testing before the release. There is evidently lack of testing, or it is incompetent. Please address this.
I am sure we will all enjoy the benefits! Very sincerely.


I hate to be negative, but I assume the LR RAW Plug-in Extra DNG process is pretty much a dead-end issue???

I am still getting the pink blotch using autopilot on my test ARW image with Normal de-noising, but not when resetting to Strong. As before, if I increase the slider from 11 to 15, the blotch disappears.
I will upload the file to the devs’ Dropbox.

Could you please finally tell us the State of this „Blurry Tiles Issue “?

This Question is always getting ignored… What’s going on here? :thinking:


I think the tiling issue is a common problem for all AI upscaling methods because GPU VRAM is not large enough to fit the entire image, and thus the image needs to be cropped into pieces. :thinking: Every AI upscaling method I have tried, such as ESRGAN, Real-ESRGAN, BSRGAN, etc., has the same problem. I don’t think there is a simple solution for it.
To solve it completely, I think it would require joint efforts from AI research teams to work together and develop new algorithms. This might take years of research to accomplish.
Perhaps one day, consumer GPUs will have hundreds of gigabytes of VRAM, enabling AI to process entire images at once without the need for tiling :yum:

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Not only that, no matter what you give the A.I., for it everything is 2D.

Although images are 2D, they are somehow still 3D for us humans, or we have an understanding of image depth.


Is your GPU driver up to date?

Colored tiles were sometimes related to outdated GPU drivers in the past.

@Imo didn’t you once mention that you have a 4090?

If so, could you upscale a tiff with enhance standard (2/2/2) and also individually with denoise strong (2/2)?

I would be interested in the times.


TPAI does stopp processing after some images, it did crash two times, after startup, when i was dropping in some images.

2023-07-28-11-36-46.txt (1.8 MB)

After uninstall via Ashampoo uninstaller and reinstall it does work.

Its frusttrating how the autopilot does waste perfromance even if the settings are typed in by hand.

Without AP processing could be 50% faster when settings are set by hand.

Okay, I will try that this evening. Be patient please. :slight_smile:

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Hi, PhotoAI also supports CPU processing only. There the program and the AI model has all the RAM of the machine to work with (even swapping space if necessary). When I process large images using CPU only it does not even begin to use the entire RAM.
But the blurry tiles issue still happens there.

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Yes it is. I actually updated my driver before using the update.

Here’s a bit of a odd thing. If I export my edited photos from lightroom and then edit them in Topaz Photo AI i get those artifacts and glares including cropped images.

But if I use lightroom and then use the Topaz Photo AI plugin I dont recieve glares or cuts but I recieve "Error: Could not run model.

But with the older Upscaling Algorithm there no such Problems….

And it would be very nice if some for the Developers could tell us finally the current State of Fixing this BlurryPatches-Issue… :rage:

Release date in Adam’s note above is wrong, should be 7/27.

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But they have never admitted to this, they would rather bait and switch every month saying it is being fixed on their roadmap.

Please send this file so I can reproduce the issue. I can also check the thumbnail orientation. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.
Dropbox File Request

We are working on a new Remove Noise - Raw Normal model which should address this.

The Upscale models can handle low noise. However, it looks like images like this need both. We can look into changing the Autopilot to address this. Please send the file so I can reproduce.
Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.
Dropbox File Request

This looks like an issue due to lens correction. For this file please disable lens correction. Send me the original DNG so I can reproduce.

Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.
Dropbox File Request

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Any progress on the issue of EXIF data being stripped out?