Topaz Photo AI v1.2.7

Looking at the chromatic aberration correction in 4 popular packages with the same RAW file in each . First DXO Pure RAW 3 and Topaz AI 2.7
second pair
Canon DPP and Photoshop CS6
Click on the files to see the screen grab taken at 100% magnification.

Output W 3958 x H 2963 = 11.73 mp, close to 12mp

There, I was referring to the beta. Here I am referencing the release version. Non-beta testers won’t see my other question; which wasn’t answered by the time I wrote this, by the way. And Don, please don’t reprimand me, or anyone else in public for something that isn’t an offense to others. Be kind and send a PM.

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Yes, sure. But it isn’t 12. I would prefer slightly above than below.

That could be a very cool “feature” !!! But not when you don’t want it to be…

Yes. It is significant! Down & to the right. Some releases it’s less noticeable than others. This is a lot.

Please enter W 4000 X H 3000 manually to get 12. mp.

Why do you think there is a difference?

Note that unless it is symmetrical with the original that will not work.

Yes thank you, I know I can do this. I am asking about why the auto function is not quite working.

Yep. I’m aware of this

Autopilot telemetry HAS TO BE MADE OPT-IN!

I just discovered that the setting said “help enhance autopilot. Some images will be anonymously sent to topaz”. Well, I’m glad that family photos or other personal pics (or comissions?) are sent anonymously

I do NOT expect HAVING TO go through the settings of a program that wants to be a 1-click solution so it doesn’t send personal photos.

Not an issue for landscape photos and what I fed it, but what if someone throws nudes into Photo AI to get rid of noise? Does that also potentially get sent to Topaz Labs?


I wonder if there where pictures anonymously sent to Topaz Labs before and we only have an option to turn it off now…


Kudos to the software engineer team.

When I retouch my portraits, I compare the results of ON1 and Topaz. Without fail, Topaz seems to remove the noise, to provide the facial tonality and smoothness I like to give my images more so than ON 1.

Thanks for Photo AI v1.2.7.

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1.2.7has an issue that did not exist in previous releases. When an image that is super sharp but a. bit noisy is opened, Photo AI enables sharpening but not noise reduction. DeNoise does not open automatically now anymore. With 1.2.6 and before, Sharpening never activated unless I tick it.

Since this post I have worked out that my latest images of a reptile were taken with 500mm at F4 at short distance so only the eye was in focus. This image activates the Sharpen module for as it thinks the image is blurry, when it is not. However, the Noise reduction module does not activate even when the image has background noise. This is an Autopilot issue.

Thanks for fixing support for Intel Arc A7xx cards - appears OpenVINO now works with Intel GPUs

Why can’t I decide where I wish to save the corrected image to when I open the image from FastStone Image Viewer? I can only save the image to the SD where I’m looking at my images.

The autopilot AI subject masking has a problem with this photo. It seems that it should be very easy to identify the subject since the background is completely out of focus, but it cannot find it.

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Exactly! I just discovered this YESTERDAY, as I was going through the settings. I went through them once when PAI was released, I don’t recall this being there.

Making the sharing of images the default, without our knowledge that the setting is even there during the installation, is tantamount to theft. I don’t care if it is anonymous.

I make a living from my images, and I do not have the permission from paying clients for such use. Also, many times I am working on personal projects that will see gallery sales. I can not afford the possibility that my work is floating around somewhere without my consent.

I’m sure that Topaz has a release of liability clause in their TOS. So basically, I have to trust that all images that may have been shared with them stay with them. I have clients that would sue me if their images were found to be used in some other fashion… at all! So, if I am sued, I can not turn around sue Topaz, based on their TOS.

Years ago, I stopped sharing images on social media because of this kind of abuse. And recently, with the advent of generative AI being trained on, and using, publicly available images on the internet, I have made the decision to stop updating my websites and have actually begun to remove work.

Honestly, after finding this tucked away setting, I am giving serious consideration to my continued use of any Topaz products.


Re my earlier comment about colour. Here are two images shot of a Gretag test chart. Both from the same RAW file, shot with a Canon DSLR . The first was opened in ACR ( everything flat) using a colour profile made for that camera . The second is processed in Topaz AI 2.7 using the auto settings then saved in PS as an 8 bit jpeg.