Topaz Photo AI v0.10

Not sure I agree about this.

One of the key 1/3’s of this tentative, experimental, integrated product is a Gigapixel-like resizing.

Perhaps I’m the only one, but if I have a photo I only want to significantly enlarge a portion of (& refine just that selective enlarged portion) then I don’t want my PC cranking away a long time to enlarge an entire image that I’d have to then pull into Ps to crop a lot of enlarged content out of.

And, I wouldn’t then want to have to re-open that PAI upsized Ps downsized (via crop) pic in PAI yet again if it got soft or in some other way was compromised post Ps crop… Too much back & forth.

Effective, full-fledged, manual masking & a flexible, integral crop tool seem essential if this experiment is to become a product.

Yes, prettifying can be done elsewhere if Topaz no longer wants to play in aesthetic photo/image post processing vs functional pre-processing. IMO.


After trying on numerous CR2 and CR3 files, when using as a plug-in, if I adjust the strength of the sharpening the processed file will not save back to Lightroom. It crashes every time on the second process after selecting “save to Lightroom”. If I don’t adjust the sharpening strength, it saves without a problem.

I agree. The problem I’m running into is that if I try to reduce the strength of sharpening the file won’t save back to Lightroom. It crashes on the second processing function.

I still think autopilot tends too often telling a face is low quality even when the face is large and when turning OFF face refinement shows that the face looks much better without it.
This kills any batch process purposes if we don’t want to end up with large sets of blurry faces and it’s like we always have to check if really face refinement is a solution (unless for very low res images of course).

We wouldn’t have to worry if face refinement would always produce sharp faces no matter the pixel size of the face.

I’m running an M1 Mac w/latest Monterey… I notice when I run PAI from within LR, in either mode…as a TIFF plugin or as a RAW and LR in running, and then PAI… If I use the menu option to View the PAI preview at the different resolutions, I’m okay… but if I use the mouse scroll to increase/decrease the resolution… I get about 2 or 3 iterations (doesn’t seem to be static, linear or predictable) PAI crashes out…

After installation PAI 0.10, it crashes after I send image from LR.

Thanks, Adam. Thought you should know…

I have not been able to open any large (60-85 MB) DNG files from the Leica Q2 Monochrome, neither in the LrC plug-in nor in the standalone mode. I am using an iMac with an intel chipset running Monterey 12.5.

BTW, I AM able to open large DNGs from the Sony 7AR4. It may not be relevant, but these Sony color images were created in LrC during the import process. Normally, the Sony files are ARWs. The large ARWs do open normally.


Not wild about the masking. The auto detect found only one of two subjects and the refinement didn’t really help.

The first image is the auto detected mask. The second image shows the slider moved to 96. When moved to 100 it covered the entire image.

Why not give us a normal mask that we determine what goes and what stays?


Released September 9, 2022
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Changes since 0.10.0:

  • Fixed some grayscale images coming out skewed
  • Fixed Lightroom Classic plugin sometimes giving an error and/or not importing the file into the catalog
  • Fixed Lightroom Classic plugin not selecting the folders of non-RAW folders after export
  • Fixed Capture One plugin not installing correctly on some computers (and creating erroneous folder on those without Capture One installed)
    • Note: Capture One plugin currently only installs on Windows computers
  • Fixed wrong colors on images from more camera models
  • Enabled the save button while autopilot is running
  • Changed the saving progress bar with a spinner
  • Improved installer error handling
  • Disabled file associations on Windows due to it calling images “Topaz Photo AI Files” in Save As dialogs

I agree, I think a crop tool is essential.


Thanks for fixing the grayscale images coming out skewed bug in the new release v0.10.1.
Keep up the good work your products are fantastic

Win 11. Processor = Auto. PAI .10 Standalone. JPG starting images. 14-16 m.p. cam older photos.

Autopilot Subject Mask Detection:

Refine Subject Detected - “Portrait” Option (I was aiming to mask just the moving woman…not wanting to eliminate her blur, I like that to show motion & that would be like NCIS fixing totally blurry license plates … just to crisp a bit)

Saved Output (saved as .tiff - wish could do 16-bit LZW Adobe RGB but did 8-bit) - saved okay, colors seemed to track with orig.

Diff image (local ComicCon event) - AutoPilot seems to not sense superheroes as subjects … (perhaps it was the kryptonite - wrong superhero???) Refine didn’t help.

Eye and eyebrow processing on a right guy’s face is worse than in Gigapixel.

Here’s a couple of log-files from v. 0.10.0 and the requested screenshot

2022-09-09-14-15-41.tzlog (185.5 KB)
2022-09-10-02-47-26.tzlog (82.9 KB)

Good evening,
Firstly, thank you for the opportunity to beta this product!
After updating, when bringing a photo back to lightroom classic after photo AI, it now has a terrible green cast. This just started today with 0.10.1
It appeared there were 2 updates today. I updated once, then it told me that I had a new update the next time I reopened it.
I uploaded screenshots to dropbox. I also uploaded the latest log file seperately.
Thank you so much! I have otherwise been really enjoying this product.
Have a great weekend!

MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019)
2.3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9
MacOS Monterey 12.5.1
Lightroom Classic version: 11.5

Hi, overall I like Topaz Photo AI a lot, especially that it supports almost any raw file (even from my old Olympus E-1, and also the new OM-1), and it runs quite well even on a slightly older win10 laptop. Noise reduction (like Denoise AI) and sharpening are best on the market I think. One thing I don’t really need is face refinement / recovery, seems too artificial to me. But could you please bring back the “Basic Adjustments for RAW input” tab? That feature makes it possible to use it as a standalone application for raw development - for most photos, one won’t need more features than that. Exposure / highlight, shadow, white balance, saturation, noise reduction, sharpening - that’s it for most daily photo tasks. Who needs Lightroom or Capture One (I use the latter, and most of the time only the mentioned features)?
What else than a standalone raw editor should Topaz Photo AI become? It would be a big disadvantage not to have those basic raw adjustments available - unless you guys want to help the competition to sell their products. Best regards, Tjark

Hi Adam,
Good to see your improvements.
Here’s a feedback about denoising.
The slider of denoising strength does not proportionally change the level of denoising. The result is almost the same at level 1 and level 78
See level 1 result:

And seel level 78:

The main reason I share this, is that a lot of details are lost at even level 1.

Hello dear Topaz team,
the latest version 0.10.1 brings the following problem on my iMac with Apple M1 and latest OS:
In Lightroomclassix, Photo AI can be called, a new tiff file is created, Phota Ai opens and you can start editing. However, the changes made are not saved and in LR only the unchanged tiff file can be seen. I’ve tried all the different storage options, nothing changes.
Otherwise a great approach to unite Denoise, sharpen and giapix in one program.

Photo AI is still very bad at enlarging all sorts of text and numbers. It should get a training here. :eyes:


Very frustrating, understand it is only the BETA version but I hope as can be seen in these images when exported as DNG’s from Lightroom 6 perpetual and yes I no it’s old but works well as a DAM it comes back with very little change just using the denoise option yet when sent to the stand alone version of Topaz Denoise as a TIFF it comes back looking a lot better.
Putting 3 images here one unprocessed and one each of Topaz denoise AI one Topaz Photo.
Hope the difference can be seen.

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