Sharpen AI v2.2.4


Change log:
v2.2.4 (Release February 18, 2021)

  • Fixed comparison view not showing generated previews
  • Fixed performance issues when panning
  • Fixed apply button disappearing when adding a mask when running Sharpen as a plugin

v2.2.3 (Release February 16, 2021)

  • Added support for new image file types
    – New RAW formats: ARI, CR3
    – New non-RAW formats: BMP, HEIC, PPM, PGM, PBM, PNM, TGA, and WEBP
  • Added In-App rating system
    – If you experience any issues with output in the program, feel free to send feedback by clicking on the faces at the bottom right of the preview
  • Added ability to load non-ASCII file names from Lightroom
    – For instance, Japanese/Chinese/Korean, etc file names should work now
  • Changed Windows installer so it’s admin only
    – Should resolve various issues non-admin users have had in the past
    – May require full uninstall/reinstall if you had it installed as non-admin before
  • Fixed various color/loading issues for RAW files
  • Fixed preview scale so it adjusts to your screen display scale properly
    – Images may look smaller than before if you have a display scale over 100%
  • Fixed crash on Mac related to file logger
  • Implemented using the scroll wheel to zoom
  • Added ETA when processing images

v2.2.2 (Released December 10th, 2020)

  • Multiple stability updates for the installers

v2.2.1 (Released November 20th, 2020)

  • Fixed the frequent image must be loaded issues when using auto mode
  • Fixed vertical lines in images when using GPU processing mode
  • Fixed issue where batch processing would stop/fail on certain images
  • Fixed a potential crash when previews go out of bounds
  • Fixed the installer dropping the beta plugin
    – We also now delete the beta plugin if it exists, so installing 2.2.1 should fix it if you haven’t fixed it manually
  • Fixed a potential crash from the file logger
  • Fixed a few cases where the file list view would reflect incorrect settings
  • Fixed selection issue when deleting single images from the file list
  • Photoshop should now select the previous mode if opening in comparison view
  • Reworded the bottom panel on the opening screen to fit on smaller screens
  • Reworded parts of the tutorial to match new UI

v2.2.0 (Released November 12th, 2020)

  • Added new models that work better on noisy images
    – Enable new models by toggling on the “Extra Noise Suppression” option under the settings sliders
  • Added comparison view
    – Should work the same as in DeNoise AI
  • Added option to move controls to left side
    – You can toggle this in preferences
  • Added tutorial/demo image area on the bottom of the opening screen
  • Updated UI to be consistent with Gigapixel
  • Updated installers
    – In-app updates should now go faster from 2.2.1 onwards due to splitting large downloads
    – Installer now uses native OS interface which should improve compatibility
    – Mac installer now displays an error if installing on an unsupported OS
    – Full installers should now always install fully and not rely on currently installed components
  • Changed default sliders and mode settings to the settings that were last used in the application
  • Changed previews so that they cancel when slider values are changed
  • Fixed a crash when files with large XMP data were saved as JPG
  • Fixed the preview label saying “Preview” when it was actually the original image in some cases

@adam.mains Adam, so does that mean it is uninstalling files from the previous version before installing the new ones?

Previously the full installer would act like the online installer, which would mean if it detected you had updated components it would skip them. This change makes it so that it ignores the components check and simply installs everything every time. It does not prompt for an uninstall beforehand, but if there are frequent lingering issues while using full installers for updates we might implement that in the future.

I have a lot of plans for the installers to clean stuff like this up (including a long overdue look at non-admin installs), but my goal right now is to get the new image libraries and update basically all our dependencies by the end of the year. So unfortunately I’m not sure how much time I’ll have for installer upgrades until after that is done, although someone else could always take over for me.

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This version is broken. Tried a full uninstall/reinstall, shows focus mode on the bottom bar, will not save.

A fix of that would be nice.
I didn’t set back my machine to non-admin since a long time due to ongoing beta testing.

Thanks for the clarification Adam!

How can I roll back to the previous version?


Getting an error on photoshop and it’s showing sharpen IA plus another drop down with sharpen AI BETA. I’d send you the screen shots but this post wont allow it


I’ve tried to roll back to the last version but now the BETA dropdown is still showing in photoshop, not sure what to do about it.

On a IMAC, is this new version compatible with the latest OS, Big Sur 11.0.1? I see in your note that it is not on Big Sur 10.16/11.0 in Intel chips.

I’m seriously over Topaz updates. Why can’t you just attend to the changes and update the existing program? I’m tired of wasting so much of my limited bandwidth getting the entire revised program downloaded, then the old one hopefully gets dumped. Possibly. I can’t get rid of the previous Gigapixel AI program from my Mac despite every effort, and I really resent having a Gigabyte of my limited hard drive taken up by an obsolete program. Your programs surely do great things to images, but I’m seriously over the problems each time there’s an update.


Good eve,
Agree with above - v2.2 created uneccessary menu item for ‘beta.’ It also CRASHES photoshop 2021.

Now rolling back to v2.1

BTW, this is new Win10.Pro(64) install about a week old.

Hi Adam, were all 95 components included in the update?


This version is not working for me. It is not processing at all. How can I roll back to the previous version?

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Here’s the solution to the beta issue: (Windows only)

Navigate to the Sharpen AI plugin directory (Default C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Sharpen AI\PS_Plugins_x64)

Delete the file named  tltopazsharpenaibetaps_x64.8bfx64.8b
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It seems as though the Beta plugins have inadvertently been left in the installer and you have 2 options until it is corrected:

  1. Do not invoke the Beta plugin from the plugins menu in any host. It will crash the host if there is no target application available.
  2. You can delete the plugins from the install directory … there are 2 that need to be deleted, one in each of these folders in the install directory:
    • tltopazsharpenaibetaps.8bf in the PS_Plugins folder, and
    • tltopazsharpenaibetaps_x64.8bf in the PS_Plugins_x64 folder.

I believe an update is on the way.

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I’m still seeing no difference between the images in Comparison mode (Windows 10). With Auto update on if I move a slider the Update button becomes highlighted but there’s no change in the image until I click update - see screenshot with both Auto-update and Update highlighted:

If I click update - I get some artefacting in the Focus view but no discernible change in the others:

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You should get all 95 this time, and then in subsequent installations it should only pull the ones that updated.

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Can you describe this issue, or take a screenshot? I’m not sure what you are referring to.

If you want to roll back, you can get the older installers in the 2.1.8 thread: Sharpen AI v2.1.8

Is this an error that pops up, or is the beta option showing the error you’re talking about? I took a look and it seems like the 2.2.0 installer is dropping both the beta and non-beta plugins, so I can fix that.