How to get rid of Sharpen AI beta

Hi, I just downloaded the latest release of Sharpen AI, and that has placed a “Sharpen AI Beta” entry in my Filter dropdown list. How can I get rid of that?

See this post.

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Hi AiDon,
That did the trick. Thanks!

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Hi, I use Topaz plugins from within Infinity Photo, I have just re-installed Affinity and Topaz and when I install the Topaz apps I get two versions of Topaz Sharpen AI, one is as expected the other is Beta, in the folder Program Files/Topaz Labs LLC/Topaz Shapen/ PS Plugins there are two options for the 8bf files and one ends betaaps.8bf, now I assume if I deleted one from the folder the app would still work OK but the beta version is showing Date Modified 12/11/2020 while the other is showing 06/11/2020 so the beta is the latest installed, is there a later version that should have taken over from the beta?
When I want to open the app from within Affinity Photo it does give me the two options beta or other.
Thankyou, Russ.

Answer is above in this thread.

With a recent update to Sharpen AI, the above mentioned beta files are no longer available and a search with Agent Ransack shows they are not on the machine (a good thing of course), but PS still shows the Topaz Labs beta in the filter drop down menu. Clicking on it reads, “Could not complete the Topaz AI Beta command because the file could not be found”. Again; aok. So even though it’s no big deal, is there away to remove that non-existent beta option from the PS filter drop down menu?

I suggest you check the folders mentioned above as if the plug-in file is not on your disk it won’t show.