Sharpen AI v2.1.8


Change log:
v2.1.8 (Released October 27th, 2020)

  • Fixed minor authentication issues
  • Added ability to delay updates


  • Fixed an issue where certain files would not open from third party plugins


  • Fixed issue where dragging the navigator/preview to the right side would crash
  • Fixed an issue where Photoshop last filter settings were not saved between invocations
  • Fixed a potential crash using auto mode
  • Fixed in-app update downloads not running due to bad paths caused by usernames with non-ASCII characters
  • Fixed erroneously loading files with unsupported colorspaces
    • Mainly, Apple Wide Color Sharing Profile is explicitly not supported when coming in from Photoshop.
  • Fixed update button not enabling in certain cases when masking
  • Fixed a crash in masking
  • Fixed a case where using auto could append the wrong model suffix
  • Fixed scroll bar in the file list getting too small with large amounts of images
  • Fixed certain runtime dlls not being included
  • Changed right panel so it never hides itself
  • Updated installer framework which should hopefully resolve some online installer issues


  • Fixed external editors not saving back to their host properly


  • Fixed trials requiring a user to login again after purchasing
  • Fixed various crashes when handling invalid images
  • Fixed various crashes when masking RAW images with crop metadata
  • Changed authentication logic to support upgrades


  • Fixed batch files not being saved when auto was applied to multiple files
  • Fixed completed flag not being reset when re-saving or changing settings


  • Fixed Photoshop values not being saved properly when re-entering the plugin
  • Fixed various Photoshop irregularities that caused differences between standalone and plugin
  • Fixed various file list view oddities
    – Fixed batch mode settings applying automatically when switching between rows
    – Fixed selecting arbitrary rows instead of everything not saving correctly in some cases
    – Fixed potential bug where settings do not apply properly when saving multiple images with auto active
  • Fixed crash when unable to load files required for auto subject detection
  • Fixed Re-Install Photoshop Plugins option on Windows
  • Fixed being unable to run the plugin re-installer more than once
  • Added Re-Install Photoshop Plugins option in Help menu for Mac
  • Changed external editor mode save button to Apply/Cancel
  • Changed various toggle buttons to be the right blue color

v2.1.0 (Released July 22, 2020):

Major changes:

  • Various fixes and improvements taken from the latest DeNoise AI release
    – Includes fixes to save dialog
  • Various UI design changes
    – Masking button moved to file list when not in Photoshop plugin mode
    – Masking button in Photoshop mode changed slightly to differentiate it from other buttons
    – Zoom options have been made smaller to accommodate the new slider
    – Right panel controls have been redesigned slightly
    – Add grain moved to new post processing section
    – Slight color changes throughout the application
  • Improved response time while drawing a mask


  • Fixed models sometimes not loading correctly
  • Fixed save dialog getting frozen
  • Fixed some instances where the initial mask would invert incorrectly
  • Fixed mask not deleting properly if initial mask entry is cancelled
  • Fixed navigation panel box going out of bounds on certain size changes
  • Fixed completed flag sticking even after changes are made
  • Fixed closing images not bringing up a warning prompt in some instances
  • Fixed bug in Intel CPU detection
  • Fixed navigation panel keeping the previous image loaded when no image is selected
  • Fixed grain not showing up in the file list when auto settings was on
    – Grain should now save correctly in batch mode with auto


  • Added new auto-detect mask functionality for generating base masks
    – Can detect 20 different types of subjects including people, cars, planes, and various animals.
  • Added new auto detection for which mode to use
    – Works like auto-detect settings, but for which mode to use on an image
  • Added tutorial for basic workflow introduction
  • Added fit view mode and arbitrary zoom levels
    – Keep in mind this will degrade performance if zooming out on large images. More to see is more to process.
    – Minimum zoom level is the minimum of either the fit zoom level or 50%. For example, if your fit zoom level is 75% the minimum is 50%. If your fit zoom level is 20%, then that is the minimum.
  • Added cancel button when coming in from Photoshop
  • Added status differentiation between the initialization and generating preview phases of processing
    – This should more accurately reflect the actual time to process in general, as the initialization phase can take quite a while on some systems
  • Added proper mouse over cursors for various components
    – Yes/No toggles, Mode selection, Original button


  • Changed batch processing so it now only saves images that are currently selected in the file list
    – In order to get the old functionality, you must select all before saving
  • Changed the default selection when importing multiple files to just the first image
  • Changed the default model to Stabilize
  • Changed how auto is shown in the file list
  • Changed product tour
    – Now shows cards overviewing various features
  • Changed right panel to disable itself when no files are selected
  • Changed save button to switch between “Save Image” and “Start Batch Processing” based on how many images are selected rather than how many images are loaded
  • Changed close image warning check so that it will only as if an image hasn’t been saved yet
  • Changed how images are removed from list when saved coming from Lightroom
    – All images that are completed are now removed from the list. This is due to a LR limitation where we are only able to load and save from the image they provide. Removing the image prevents sharpening the same image twice when processing in batch mode.
  • Changed wording on masking buttons depending on if this is the first or second time entering the masking interface for an image
    – Should be “Apply Mask” and “Delete Mask” if the image has no mask, and “Update Mask” and “Undo Changes” if there is a mask already
  • Changed the file list to just list the initials of the controls in order to save space
  • Changed wording of the Suppress Noise slider to Noise Suppression to make “N” more intuitive in file list
  • Changed default suffix to “-SAI” instead of “-sharpen” due to confusion with the Sharpen model

I have installed the release version, but when I open masking I get a crash. The log is below.

Topaz Sharpen AI_2020-07-22-184025_Mac-Pro.crash (107.7 KB)

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Did this happen to you in beta as well? I don’t think I’ve seen this one before. Could you let me know what your preferences are for GPU/CPU? It says it’s crashing in inference engine which I believe is OpenVINO related.

No it didn’t happen on the beta, I still have the beta installed alongside the release version and both images that I used worked fine in the beta version. My preferences are below

49 04

I would try turning OpenVINO off and switching to GPU if possible and see if that fixes it.

That appears to have fixed it

I’ve pass this information along to @MyunghoonTL who is the actual person who does the OpenVINO updates. A lot of that stuff is over my head. I’m glad that GPU mode at least temporarily fixes the issue. I’ll see if we can get a patch out once we know what’s wrong.

Do you have logs for this crash by chance? That might help pinpoint the problem better.

Ok Adam, many thanks. I have attached the 3 crash logs below

Topaz Sharpen AI_2020-07-22-183332_Mac-Pro.crash (107.6 KB)

Topaz Sharpen AI_2020-07-22-183332-1_Mac-Pro.crash (109.7 KB)

Topaz Sharpen AI_2020-07-22-184025_Mac-Pro.crash (107.7 KB)

Could you also attach the application logs as well? They should be in /Applications/Topaz Labs LLC/Topaz Sharpen AI/Logs or you can use the Help menu to open the folder directly. I just need the ones when you crashed. They are named by the time the program was opened. If there are too many to pick from, just delete them all and reproduce the crash to get 2 new logs.

There are 16 logs in the folder, I have compressed them into a zip file, just remove ‘.crash’ from the filename (109.4 KB)

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Installed OK, automatically replacing the previous release version and it started up fine.
I performed a mask and sharpen without major issues.

Do you still want feedback on this version on this thread ?

Since this is the official release it doesn’t require the same type of testing that beta usually has. Of course if you see any clearly wrong behavior (outside stuff mentioned in the beta, like undo/redo), then please report it. If there are any major issues they will be fixed in upcoming patch versions.

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I encountered the same problem and fix on my imac as alanj49.

Unable to download on line or full installer . No connection to the links? . Gigapixel update downloaded correctly

Hello Adam, all in all this one is a great step forward as some of my issues have been resolved. Nevertheless I find a little grain of salt in this release. I was happy that in Gigapixel the latest release fixed some problems with the file handling. Especially with “open with”. I regarded the file handling as something that could and should equal between the AI modules (i.e. Sharpen AI, DeNoise AI and Gigapixel AI). I posted it already some time ago in the DeNoise thread. From Finder in Mac I use “open with” to open a raw file in Sharpen AI (and DeNoise the same), Sharpen AI handles everything from preview etc. well. Then I click on “Save Image” and the processing starts as usual and after some minutes Sharpen finished (as opposed to latest Gigapixel) and no file has been saved. Would be great if you can fix DeNoise and Sharpen to work like Gigapixel regarding the file handling.

Could you give us your system specs? We think this may be hardware/CPU dependent.

That link works for me, as did the update. This may be a temporary outage. Is it still not working for you if you retry now?

I tried the Open With with Windows. Took a bit to get SAI included in the Open With list for .jpg but after that it opened the file OK and performed the sharpen. On clicking Save Image, no file save dialog was presented, the blue and red “working…”. dialog appeared and the original file was overwritten with the sharpened file. The app then exited.
This is not the desired result. IMO, overwriting the original file with no warning is a very bad error. The save dialog should be presented and the file renamed as per normal operation. Probably the app should stay open as well.
I tried passing the SAI.exe a jpg file on the command line with the same result.

This is expected behavior because it is how Lightroom is supported. Lightroom passes images on the command line, and the expected flow is to overwrite the files it passes in so it can update the album. Unfortunately, we have no way to differentiate if someone dragged and dropped an image on the executable, ran it through the command line, or opened it via Lightroom due to limitations with Lightroom itself. I do not know why this is the case, but even after many years of complaints LR still has no way to change how it passes images to a plugin and provides no identifying information whatsoever.

For right now, the recommendation is never drag and drop an image onto the executable if you want to save the image separately. Open with also has the same effect if you set that up.

I guess I’'ll remove SAI from the open with list then !