Photo Ai 2.0.0 frequent crashes

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Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]
2023-09-08-11-33-38.tzlog (12.0 KB)
windows 11. GPU nvidia 3060 Ti.
since updating, the program has been crashing frequently. It happens with either jpegs or raw files.
2023-09-08-11-38-11.tzlog (253.6 KB)
i cannot determine what specifically causes it.

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Same by me, same Windows 11 Pro, 32GB RAM & NVIDIA 3060TI last 536.99 Studiodriver.

yep. just updated and crashes every time.
win 11, 64GB RAM, Nvidia 4090

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Very disappointed. Crashed upon first open image Canon Cr2. Deleted program and reinstalled. Same deal. Crashed every time tried to open an image. Win 11, lots of RAM, Nvidia expensive. Never had this in all the previous versions

How to I find the previous version to download? I need something that works soon!

Here’s 1.5.3 as hear the newer 1.5.4 is buggy:

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I managed to enlarge about 4 images before it started crashing on every single attempt to open an image. I am using the following if it helps:

MSI Laptop with Intel Core i9 13980HX and NVIDIA RTX 4080 laptop GPU and have 64GB RAM installed.

Yup, just downloaded 2.0

Crashes every time i open a photo… in my case it seems to be the Face Detection that causes it.

Turned off face detection/enhancement, and it opened the photo (jpg). Activated face detection, and crash every time.

Windows 10, NVIDIA 3080, 32gb RAM.

Never had any issue with previous version

Same here, it’s the face detection that is the problem. Turn it off and I can batch process 200+ images without issue. Turn it on and it barely gets through 4 before crashing.

Hello all! Please update to v2.0.1 which was released earlier today and has a fix for this crash.

If it is still crashing, open Topaz Photo AI, go to the menu bar on the top and click the Help > Open Log Folder menu option. Attach the logs to your reply so I can check the contents.

Hi, version 2.0.2, crashes quite often.
Steps: open some images, apply crop and then upscale, noise and sharpen.
After some iterations the application crashes.
I’ll try to recover and attach logs (616.7 KB)

Thanks for reaching out and sending the logs. Did this just start with v2.0.2 or did it happen with previous versions?

Could you try installing Topaz Photo AI again and let me know if the behavior is the same? You can get a new installer from the downloads page here:

Same here, it has happened three times already since yesterday. After a while it crashes. 2.0.2, Windows 10
DxDiag.txt (95.7 KB)
2023-09-27-04-37-44.tzlog (12.7 MB)

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try uninstalling your graphics driver. This stopped the crashes for me. My apps function perfectly well without it.

Hi, thanks but no, I’m done with what I wanted to do at the moment and so I’ll let developers figure out what’s wrong.

Please share the other logs in the folder. The one you sent does not have enough information at the end to identify the exact cause.

2023-09-23-12-34-5.tzlog (12.5 MB)
2023-09-26-02-54-27.tzlog (11.3 MB)
2023-09-26-11-35-1.tzlog (1.2 MB)
2023-09-27-05-42-21.tzlog (3.1 MB)
2023-09-27-06-18-32.tzlog (2.1 MB)
2023-09-27-06-27-24.tzlog (3.5 MB)
Here they are.

Thanks for sharing the logs. The logs here don’t indicate a crash and all end with the correct exit sequence.

The log you shared earlier showed some kind of error during processing, but had corrupted lines so I can’t identify the issue.

Next time it crashes, please send me the bottom 3 logs so I can check the contents and see what exactly the crash is.

You can also try updating the graphics driver to see if that affects the behavior. Please download and run the below installer which is the latest NVIDIA Studio driver. When installing, select Custom Installation > Clean Install. Then reboot your computer after the driver installs.

OK, probablyit wasn’t a complete crash, but the process was frozen and there was no way to recover, it happened 5-6 times and I just had to exit the app and start everything again from scratch. The first time it happenedafter I processed more than 80 images, not fun. I’ll send you the logs when it happens again.
Thanks for the input about the driver.

“The best drivers for your device are already installed.”