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Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I posted on this group from now on I’ll be a little more active. it is topical that I am creating concerns the suite of models that already exist in TVEAI. we all know that Artemis, gaia, theia has been around for a very long time now since the existence of the software. Artémis stopped at version 13 and Gaia at version 5. since these two versions there has been no sequel, for what reason? I think it would be really good and wonderful and I’m talking to the topaz labs team, who would be great to create Artemis version 14 today and why not Gaia version 6. the same for Theia. it’s a shame to have dropped it is beautiful model. because these models really had potential and could go very far. even if Iris exists today why did you drop proteus? it would be nice to create a version 4. even if you create new models for the software beside me personally i said don’t drop the old models and continue with new versions as i have stated at the beginning of my message. who is for and who is against? me personally I am for a new model Artémis 14, proteus v4 and Gaia 6 :smiling_face::wink:

I think those AI alogorithm already reached “Diminishing returns” :thinking: Futher training won’t improve the quality by much. It is a waste of GPU training resources, if the new version improvement is barely noticeable.

For example, the Artemis v13 improvement over v12, v11 was already barely noticeable. And some users already pointed out that older version is better than the new one in some situation.


I am not sure why you are struggling or care about the model name that is used and it’s version.
in the end of the day if a new model (with new name) is introduced that provides better quality in general, then why does it matter if it’s called Proteus v19, or Artemis v27 or Ares v1 (made up name by myself for an AI model)?

You don’t remember in the past, they gave version numbers to each model in the past, of course it’s not the model number as you say that will give a good result, I agree on that, but I found personally, Artemis LQ was doing a good job, a very nice result like version 8 and 12. Why did you stop after 13? Even in the past I thought they were going to release us an LQ 14 but hey it will never be I have the impression after too bad, it does not matter. At least with the old 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 I use it in an old version of VEAI 1.9.0 which for me the software engine made a very nice rendering, after that is only my personal opinion.
Today, in the new TVEAI 3x version… sincerely with Proteus v3, Iris v1 and now Nyx, sincerely I say it, I find no difference between these three models, I find that the three do exactly the same result, except of course the Iris with the recovery face which is in addition, but otherwise when we look more closely, the three make exactly the same rendering.

what version of Proteus and Artemis you found works best (Quality) for you?

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Beside facial recovery, Iris removes interlacing artifacts, while Proteus does not. In addition to progressive video, the Iris model works very well for interlaced progressive and interlaced video as well. Iris removes noise, artifacts, and deblurs edges much better than Proteus, although Proteus tends to retain more detail than Iris. Iris is excellent for low-quality videos, but it removes too many details for normal videos.


Proteus v3 and Artemis LQ12 or 13 are very good models for me


I understand than many people very like this model, Iris. But i don’t see difference really middle them with that and Proteus and Nyx. Not really for me !

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For Proteus3, there is a bug that causes black spots and afterimage-like artifacts that has not yet been corrected.
The afterimage-like artifacts also occur in Iris1, and are worse than in Proteus3.
I have not seen any reports of black spots in Iris1 so far, but I don’t know if they have been addressed or if they just don’t seem to occur by accident. Because if it can be clearly addressed in Iris1, it should be possible to improve Proteus3, but it has not yet been improved.

Here are the test results for BETA.

black spots Proteus3 CPU

black spots Proteus3 GPU

afterimages lanczos 4x

afterimages Proteus3 GPU 4x

afterimages Iris1 GPU 4x

This is a thread reporting on artifacts such as black spots and afterimages.

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The black spots and afterimage bug has not been fixed in beta.
The development of Proteus 4 was supposed to be started to fix this bug and others in the first place, but the image quality was not good enough and it became Iris. So, when will Proteus 4 be worked on?