2.6.4 to 3.1.2 is worse?!

I just bought an upgrade license because I had hopes everything will be better and faster. First, the good thing: 3.1.2 utilizes cuda cores of my 3090.

Now the downsides:

  1. Since 3.x this is called Video AI, the ‘Enhance’ not only got removed from the name but also from the models IMO?! for example I uspcale old 4-5K VR footage to 7-8K with VEAI but I get no enhancement at all from v3. In 2.6.4 I mainly used artemis if quality was bad, proteus if quality was better but for the versions I used Artemis v12 and proteus v2 since v13/v3 added some artefacts on the skin.

Now with v3 it feels even worse! No visible enhancement at all, sorry but either I dont got a major point since the change or it really doesnt enhance at all. when I pull proteus sharpening up more artefacts show up immediatly.

  1. No option for older models to choose in v3 anymore?

  2. timeline became more laggy

  3. previews now have to render some time? no more possibility to set x frames as preview goal?!

I will test some more and I already missed 3.0 and hoped first problems will be fixed with 3.1 but so far I dont see why I payed 120 bucks for an upgrade, sorry guys but the flashy GUI with reduced options to me is a downgrade so far, utilization does not make this up since CPU is still bottlneck for me (5900x)

I bought a couple of days ago. If Im not satisifed with this upgrade will I be eligible for money back?

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When I considered an upgrade last month it said one month money-back guarantee. Then they put the upgrade price up so didn’t bother and I haven’t looked since then but I think you can still get that, it should be somewhere on the upgrade page when you are signed in.

Am happy with 2.6.4 for now. I would advise anyone thinking of buying this or upgrading to version 3 to try it out first for some time, using the latest trial version. Faster speeds don’t always outweigh the negative factors and 3.x isn’t better than 2.6.4 in several areas, and it’s worse in some.

Just a couple notes:

  1. It would be great if you could share a couple example screenshots of v2.6.4 vs. V3.1.2 :+1:

  2. I believe you can actually use “older” models. I’m not in front of my computer right now, but I know there was some discussion about this on the forums not that long ago. In fact some people have posted lists of all the older models with links to where you can download them from. I will try and update this comment later when I have time to look it up for you.

  3. Do you mean when you are scrubbing back and forth through your loaded video or something else?

  4. Correct, you can’t set exact number of frames, but you can set the number of seconds that the preview generates so you can drop it down to 1 second or 2 seconds if that’s all you want.

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The new version is a completely different program and lacks a large number of features, such as model management. And due to the lack of complete testing, there are many problems with quality and stability. If you are after stability and reliability, now is not the time.