Issue uploading Images into the forum

Not directly related to the Program, but…
there is an issue uploading images into the forum post as you guys added an additional CDN that it’s Domain name ( is not included in your SAN (Subject Alternate Name) SSL/TLS certificate of this forum.
Either issue a new SSL certificate with as part of the Forum SSL certificate SAN or uploaded pictures to the CDN should be linked in the Post in HTTP (not HTTPS).

here are some post examples with the issue…


Thanks @Akila for bringing this up, the team has been made aware and see that something is broken. They will get on to fixing it shortly.


Yes, I also noticed that adding an image via drag and drop does not work anymore. You can still upload the image somewhere and use that link though.

The method I use that works well is, Copy the Picture to clipboard (CTRL + Print Screen), then paste (CTRL + V) into the post. that works very well.

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