Topaz Video AI command prompt giving errors


I am getting errors while running ffmpeg command in command prompt (screenshot attached).

Steps to reproduce -

  1. Open Command prompt from GUI.
    It open terminal with path /Applications/Topaz Video

  2. Run command -
    ./ffmpeg -hide_banner -nostdin -y -strict 2 -hwaccel auto -i "/Users/kunal/Downloads/new_garment_overlay_vid.mp4" -c:v "hevc_videotoolbox" "-profile:v" "main" "-pix_fmt" "yuv420p" "-allow_sw" "1" -vf "tvai_up=model=amq-13:scale=1" "/Users/kunal/Downloads/output-artemis.mp4"

  3. After running this command, I am getting error shows in screenshot.

I think issue is that it’s adding double / in path just before model name instead of single ‘/’.

2024-03-23 00:13:27.515 ffmpeg[354:11227684] MLModel Error: 0 file:///Applications/ does not exist path: /Applications/Topaz Video
2024-03-23 00:13:27.515 ffmpeg[354:11227684] Deleting model cache directory: /Applications/Topaz Video
2024-03-23 00:13:27.515 ffmpeg[354:11227684] Unable to delete model cache at /Applications/Topaz Video

I am using MacOS Sonoma 14.4.


Is this happening when opening the terminal through the in-app shortcut? (Command+T)

Yes, it occurs when I open command prompt through app.

When I open it outside app, it gives different error (I’m discussing with your team on mail).

I’ve got it working on windows. So, I am closing this issue now.