Batch Processing not working in TVAI 4.2.1

I’m processing over 190 small video files in batches of 10 or 12, but when I start the batch processing, only the first file is processed. The program asks me to name the saved file, and that’s the only file processed. The Export button has is identified with the correct number of files to process, i.e., for 12 files, the export button reads “Export (12)”. I’ve batch processed files before and have never encountered this problem. I haven’t yet batch processed with any version 4 or over.
My system: Windows 11 latest, i713700KF, Nvidia GTX 4070, 96 GB RAM, 2×2 GB NVMe.

(Sorry, for some reason my image is not loading properly)

Here are my log files. (1.7 MB)

This is an issue that the team is investigating and working to address in the next update.

Solved my problem. I had “Export As” selected instead of just plain old “Export”. I found that I can also use the “Select All” in the Input panel, then right-click on a movie, then select “Export (x)”, where x is the number of movies selected, and it will perform a batch processing of the images.