Gigapixel v5.4.5

Thanks. BTW, is the next version going to have similar results between GPU and CPU? I tested out the latest beta and CPU is still giving me an overall sharper image.

So I think I was in violent agreement with you… that it should be a Pref or other Setting one could establish. Based on what I said above. I believe it’s MAI that gives users the option to write to a new layer or over-write the launch layer. That same type of capability/choice would be good in all the plugin products. I’m always concerned I’m going to torch something I shouldn’t if I allow overwrites and it makes it horrendous to back up (vs delete a layer) to step backward through steps if the changes get baked in. If someone knows for sure they’re ready to jump off the bridge and commit to a change it likely would be preferable to have fewer layers and potentially less file memory gen’d.

Agree with all of this. The reason I’d like this option is because Gigapixel is usually my very first action after opening an image so it’s not going to interfere with work history. If I’m working on a lot of images, having to manually delete the original layer every single time is annoying.

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That is never going to happen. I suspect is its a hardware limitation.

Using trial version of v5.4.5 on Win 10. No issues with crashes, etc. but I am very disappointed in functionality for my application. I was hoping for truly “intelligent” upscaling that would recognize pixel jaggies on a low-res image and eliminate them on upscaling. No such luck. I just see sharper jaggies. Useless to me in all the Gigapixel AI modes.

A true AI might recognize, for example, the smooth curve of a fabric drape and eliminate the pixel problem. Not happening here.

I’m upscaling some Cyberpunk 2077 fanart I found a while back and the results that it provides are kinda disappointing.


Upscaled (Standard)

Upscaled (Art)

I’m not sure why the AI is applying so much red to the faces after trying two different models. It’s not how the original looks at all. Am I missing something or is this normal?

You’re upscaling a jpeg that was compressed with chroma subsampling (meaning it had loss of color information, so I believe it’s trying to undo that). Also, in my experience with the software, anything above 2x resolution on digital artwork will have poor results, that’s just a limitation of the AI. 2x should be more than enough for that image anyways.

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Retried following the 2x option. Much better. I’ll keep that in mind for anything else I do.

7th of next week? Did you mean 7th of next month, i.e. April 7th? :slight_smile: Anyway I am excited to hear that the faster AI engine and retrained models are in testing, woooohoooooooooooo!

How can I get into the beta? :slight_smile:

Is possible enter in beta group?

Not sure if its related, but check your color profiles on saving, maybe there is a color profile mismatch.

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It definitely was. I’m not sure what color profile it was originally. But I forced the color profile to sRGB, saved it as PNG and it output just fine.

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Great. Glad you solved it. Color management can be tricky so its usually first thing to suspect and make sure all is on point. Cheers!

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Would it be possible for you to add me to the group of beta testers?
Unless there’s no longer a need for new ones of course :blush:

Would it be possible for you to add me to the group of beta testers?

Is it still coming today?

Please add me as a beta tester for Giga & Video. Thankee.

Hi all,

A new update is available. You can download it and view the release thread here.

Thank you!
Taylor Bishop