DeNoise 3.3

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Currently, launching DeNoise AI in External Editor mode on Mac OS using certain host applications—such as ON1 Photo RAW or Capture One—is not working properly. If you need to use DeNoise AI in External Editor mode with these host applications, please install DeNoise AI v3.2.0. We apologize for this inconvenience and are working on a resolution.

This temporary issue is required to allow Open With and dragging and dropping an image onto the app from overwriting images unknowingly. Using Open With or dragging and dropping an image onto the app should now open in standalone mode where you can save a copy of the image rather than overwriting it.

Latest installers:

Windows (v3.3.4): Online | Full
Mac (v3.3.4): Online | Full

Released October 25th, 2021

Major Changes:

  • Allow loading RAW files that aren’t supported by the RAW model
    – RAW model is understandably disabled for these cases
    – Mainly includes Fuji RAF files, but also any RAW that does not use RGGB Bayer color info
  • Allow DNG files to use RAW model when internal RAW data is supported
    – This requires the DNG have CFA Pattern layout. Linear RAW is not true RAW data and is not supported by RAW model.


  • Added pinch to zoom in preview
  • Updated top toolbar UI
    – Undo/Redo buttons removed (still accessible via shortcuts or Edit menu)
    – Removed brighten button (still accessible via View menu or shortcut Ctrl+B / Cmd+B)
    – Changed view dropdown into a list of buttons to make view modes easier to switch to
    – Right panel now goes to top of window
  • Updated view interactions
    – Original button now visible in all view modes
    – Removed separate “Original” toggle in Comparison view, now locked to 4 models
    – Comparison view original view via click/original button now only affects selected view
  • Updated AI engine
    – Nvidia GT cards will now run via OpenGL due to Nvidia dropping support for driver updates on these cards
  • Updated OpenImageIO
    – Partial fix for crashes on loading certain RAW images


  • Fixed window not retaining size between app launches
  • Fixed reading EXIF data on files with non-ascii characters
  • Fixed image rotation not being handled correctly in some cases
  • Fixed banding issues in dark areas of some RAW images
  • Fixed saving from comparison view sometimes changing the file list label erroneously
  • Fixed app opening in external editor mode with no images passed in
    – If external editor mode if opened with no images, it will now default back to standalone mode
  • Fixed comparison view double click selection not working if app was opened in comparison view
  • Fixed suggested mode being set every time the app was opened
    – Should now respect previous selection
  • Fixed app freezing on open for a second in some cases
  • Fixed some cases where right panel and preview models didn’t match
  • Fixed plugins not installing correctly on Mac

Released October 8th, 2021

  • Updated AI engine
    – Some previously unsupported older GPUs should now be much faster
    – Support for upcoming Intel Alder Lake processors
  • Fixed Lightroom template not installing to catalog folder
  • Fixed external editors not loading automatically on Windows.
    – Mac still does not open external on various programs outside of Lightroom.
  • Fixed DNGs sometimes loading green or purple based on orientation metadata
  • Fixed errors for some people unable to install Photoshop plugins on Mac
  • Fixed preview shifting slightly when using RAW model
  • Fixed DPI not being saved to TIFF output in Lightroom
  • Fixed update preview button being unclickable until panning/changing sliders after switching images
  • Reverted Windows Lightroom template calling a shortcut file instead of the program directly.
    – The program should now determine external editor mode automatically.
  • Reverted saving window position on load which should resolve some unable to open UI issues on Windows

Released October 1st, 2021

  • Fixed Photoshop not allowing manual updates in split or side by side view
  • Temporarily removed Edge Aware in masking due to crashes

Released September 30th, 2021

  • Fixed Lightroom template not installing on Mac
    – 3.3.0 to 3.3.1 update will need to open Standalone in order to have lrtemplate copied correctly
    – 3.2.0 or lower to 3.3.1 should have lrtemplate installed automatically
    – Make sure to close Lightroom while installing or restart after installing
    – You may need to reset your external editor in preferences
  • Fixed bad error message when loading certain unsupported RAW files

Released September 29th, 2021

Major Changes:

  • Added new RAW model
    – This model only works on RAW images excluding DNG and RAF
  • Added ability to select “Auto” for processor in preferences
    – This is the new default
  • Added new Lightroom/External Editor program
    – Anyone using External Editor mode via the lrtemplate needs to now call this program instead. Use the included lrtemplate as an example.
  • Add new suggested mode in right panel
    – Still a work in progress for how suggested mode chooses models
  • Updated to Low Light version 3
  • Updated how DNG files are saved
    – Should now be much more color accurate than before
  • Updated comparison view mode
    – You are now able to compare 4 models at once
    – You can now compare multiple of the same model with different settings
    – You can toggle showing the original in the top left with a toggle in the toolbar (next to view menu)
  • Updated preview panel in general
    – Should potentially fix black preview errors
    – Placement of In-App Rating System and preview status indicator slightly changed for split/side-by-side modes
    – IARS now only shows up in the selected panel for comparison view
    – Status indicator now has an “Original” state when clicking to show original rather than “Not Updated”
    – Status indicator should now show masking related statuses when applicable
    – Performance should be improved in some cases, but large images will still be slow
  • Lens correction has been temporarily removed

Minor Changes:

  • Updated AI engine (processing improvements)
  • Updated OpenImageIO (image loading improvements)
  • Updated Mac plugin installer so it should now work correctly through the installer
  • Moved “Update Preview” button from main toolbar to the bottom right panel to be consistent with other apps
  • Added way to zip up log files for support in Help > File Logging menu
  • Added ability to run the program after installing on Windows
  • Changed recover detail so that it can only recover half the image at most
    – This was changed to avoid accidentally putting it at very high values and seeing no difference


  • Fixed memory leak on Mac
  • Fixed certain memory issues crashing the program
    – These now show error messages instead
  • Fixed deleting an entry in the file list view changing the selection to an unselected image
  • Fixed demo images going out of bounds when the window was small enough and screen scale large enough
  • Fixed GPS data not being saved to TIFF and JPG output
  • Fixed preview not re-processing if cancelling the save dialog while in auto update mode
  • Fixed Photoshop plugin mode requiring multiple cancel clicks to close fully

Known Issues:

  • Some RAW files may not open with correct colors, or may show an error on trying to open
    – If this is the case, please contact support with your image. Getting examples of these makes it easier for us to debug and fix these edge cases.
  • Thumbnails for DNG files do not match color wise with actual contents
  • Model may not stick between different runs of the app
  • Masking mode does not fully work outside of adding strokes
  • Typing in values for sliders while in Auto mode does not apply changes
  • Photoshop last used filter values may break when used with Severe Noise
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I just updated DeNoise 3.3.0 on my iMac and use it as a plugin in Lightroom Classic.
After I make the denoise edits where it looks great in DeNoise after I save it back to lightroom no changes were made - it looks exactly like the original. :frowning:


I have just installed the new version and cannot make it work with Lightroom Classic. It doesn’t open in external editor mode. That means it doesn’t save changes to the existing file name and pass me back to Lightroom. I only get the option to save a new file. I saw the point above about external editing and something called lrtemplate but I have no idea what this means and there is no explanation. I cannot find “the included lrtemplate” whatever that is. I tried to select the external editor as the target application in Lightroom settings, but it is not possible. Because it is a shortcut not a .exe file, Lightroom seems to read it, see the executable target and default back to the main Topaz Sharpen .exe file. The update has broken the functionality that I used to use and there seems no way around it.

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You need to import, via sync folder, to get the output from Denoise.

Check Topaz Labs YouTube Channel.

I may have found a new issue? Whenever I process the image in denoise, the image does not update in lightroom. I use topaz as a plug-in, and usually, as soon as the image is done processing, it pops right up back in lightroom. Now, a new file is made, but no changes in noise level occur.

Another problem, on PC, using .CR3 files from Canon R5, RAW mode, saving new file as DNG, when I try to import that to Lightroom Classic it says “profile missing”, the colours are all wrong and I can’t select anything other than “Adobe Standard”. The saved DNG appears incorrect and so RAW processing mode is useless to me.

This update makes things SO MUCH more difficult. The export process is TERRIBLE! please go back this update is really the worst.


me neither. I have a deadline and I auto updated what a mistake!!

Sorry correction, the file giving the “missing profile” message is from an M6 Mark II. With the R5, it is not quite as bad, but still doesn’t work. I saved the processed file as DNG again and imported to LRC. There is no “missing profile” message, but the colours are wrong (exposure seems to be reduced) and I cannot select ANY Adobe profile. The only option given is “Color”.

This means that RAW processing mode is completely useless. The profile of the camera is not respected and not saved, making the output completely unusable on PC with my Canon M6 II and R5. Together with the problem of not being able to use external editing, this is very frustrating. What a backwards step.


This release has broken my workflow. I used to be able to send a TIF file into Denoise from Exposure X7 and Denoise would return the result overwriting the same file. Now it insists on creating a separate file - I neither need nor want this behaviour and it is inconsistent with your other applications. Please restore the ability for DeNoise to return the result with the same file name and type.

Also, give us the preference for a default model (or use the last model used as in 3.2) - I usually don’t want to use the RAW model and it’s a pain having to change it every time.

Disappointed with this release.


IMHO this has broken DeNoise as a usable product for me.
In addition to completely disrupting my Lightroom Classic workflow, the images generated from 3.3.0 seem to be significantly altered beyond just denoise/sharpen. White balance has been automatically adjusted, exposure significantly altered.
As for workflow, it is not just cumbersome in LR, but fraught with potential error:

  • I select the original image for editing - a new image (*-edited) with lightroom adjustments is created and opened in DeNoise.
  • I select and save changes, which result in a new file (*-edited-DeNoiseAI)
  • I now synchronize folder and import new image - which in my case I prefer to stack with original.
  • I now have 3 (HUGE!) files for one edit. I go to delete the *-edited, but if I am not carefully paying attention to to the file names I could very easily remove the original file.

I tried playing around with settings, and thought removing auto-appending processing model and default name suffice would result in original file being overwritten as in the past, but instead results in “-edited (1).

Perhaps these types of features can be added to preferences and activated as desired instead of automatically imposed? I am sure there are many people who appreciate these features, but as an existing user it is extremely frustrating.


Me too - beyond frustrating.


I agree, this update has totally wrecked my workflow and has resulted in the same issues mentioned in this post. I am very disappointed with this release which has made Denoise AI unusable for me.


Please add de-artifact mode! This model could work similar to the 1x mode in Gigapixel AI + denoise/dehalo.
Here is Denoise and Gigapixel results. It would be nice if you could do the two in one without any artifact and haloing, grids.

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The last version worked perfectly.
I have been having trouble with Gigapixel in not processing my files and now with this new version I am having exactlky the same error message that “Processing Error, please try again…”
The last version of DeNoise worked perfectly.
I need to look at these messages BEFORE I upodate any software from now on…
I have a picture to get out and cannot until this is fixed.

I figured this one out (for me anyway)…
Cause: Topaz installer is not seeing the LR option for where to store presets.
Fix: In Lightroom, you have the option to ‘Store presets with this catalog’ (Prefs/Presets). If you have this enabled, the [TopazDeNoiseAI.lrtemplate] file sits in a folder that is ignored by LR (C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\External Editor Presets).
With LR closed, move the new [TopazDeNoiseAI.lrtemplate] file to the External Editor Presets folder that is in the same location as your catalog.


You are a genius. Problem solved. Thank you very much but no thanks to Topaz.

Now if only the RAW mode would work properly (get the colour and exposure right and store profiles properly). It remains useless for me with 3 different camera models from two makers.

I watched your video which was well made thank you. Using RAW mode you were able to select any Adobe Profile after re-importing them to Lightroom, and your colours seemed to match. On the PC, using files from Nikon D810, Canon R5 and M6 Mk II, the imported DNG files have very different colour from the original, and I cannot select other than “Color” or “B&W”. Adobe Landscape etc are missing. I wondered if you might have any idea why?

Installed Denoise 3.3.0, unfortunately can not open Canon RAW files (CR2 one from eos 7D II)
Sorry I can’t attached a file to this message.
Have a good day.
Michel Smolak