DeNoise 3.4

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Mac OS minimum version has been bumped to 10.14. If you are on High Sierra you will need to update to Mojave or later.

Currently, launching DeNoise AI in External Editor mode on Mac OS using certain host applications—such as ON1 Photo RAW or Capture One—is not working properly. If you need to use DeNoise AI in External Editor mode with these host applications, please install DeNoise AI v3.2.0. We apologize for this inconvenience and are working on a resolution.

This temporary issue is required to allow Open With and dragging and dropping an image onto the app from overwriting images unknowingly. Using Open With or dragging and dropping an image onto the app should now open in standalone mode where you can save a copy of the image rather than overwriting it.

Latest installers:

Windows (v3.4.2): Online | Full
Mac (v3.4.2): Full

Released December 29th, 2021

Change log:

  • Added masking panel from Sharpen
  • Added preferences panel from Sharpen
  • Changed comparison view so that settings are mirrored to selected images immediately instead of just when moving settings slider
  • Changed DMG background image to better describe PS instructions and add drag and drop text


  • Fixed crash on open for Mac
    – This temporarily removes the Open Recent option from the File menu since it was causing the crash
  • Fixed LR template not being installed to custom catalog locations
  • Fixed PS plugin installer not updating outdated installations
  • Fixed crash when running from DMG directly
    – You can run from the DMG to demo, but still need to drag and drop to install
  • Fixed in-app update making the bundle require admin to delete
  • Fixed comparison view shifting dramatically when switching back to it in auto update mode
  • Fixed comparison view not always opening in Standard, Clear, Low Light, Severe mode on first run
  • Fixed comparison view defaulting to top-left option when saving
  • Fixed “Select All” being erroneously enabled when exporting images
  • Partial potential fix for corrupted text (some controls will still be broken like zoom, text input fields)

Known issues:

  • Masking selection will shift slightly when toggling original while in masking mode
  • There are some lingering LR template conflicts we are still trying to resolve
  • Wacom tablets may not work when panning the preview
    – If you run into issues with it sticking, please try using a mouse/touchpad

Released December 20th, 2021

Change log:

  • Fixes white output issue on M1 Mac machines.

Released December 20th, 2021

Major changes:

  • Updated to Qt 6.2
  • Updated AI engine
  • Updated exif handling library
    – Bug fixes, more types of exif handled
  • Updated raw handling library
    – Adds support for new cameras (LibRaw 202110 snapshot | LibRaw)
  • Fixed case where Photoshop plugin install script would not place plugins

Mac Specific Changes:

  • Added native M1 support
    – Mac is now a universal binary
  • Current Mac installer will no longer be used
    – Full installs will now use drag and drop style DMG file
    – In-app updates from now on will use a .pkg file instead of the old installer
  • Mac application should be fully signed which should speed up initialization
  • Mac resources are now fully contained inside the .app bundle
    – All files previously in tgrc can be found in Contents/Resources/local
  • The application will now prompt if you want to install PS plugins if it detects them missing
  • The application will now prompt if you want to uninstall an old version of the app if it detects one installed
    – This is to remove the non-drag and drop versions (/Applications/Topaz Labs LLC/)
  • Auto model on M1 machines is now run through the AI engine
    – Values may be slightly different than when running through Rosetta

UI Changes:

  • Added Hide/Cancel option to in-app update download dialog
  • Fixed size difference between apply/cancel and update preview buttons
  • Removed some minor graphical effects (e.g., demo image drop shadow)
  • Changed wording on the update check dialog that shows when you are already up to date
  • Changed margins on some components to line up better
    – Qt 6 update caused a lot of misalignment, so if something is off please report it
  • Changed initial comparison view settings to always be Standard/Clear/Low Light/Severe Noise


  • Program should better handle Fuji files when checking if RAW model is available

Known Issues:

  • Studio 2 integration on Mac will no longer work due to the moving of the .app
  • Masking mode does not hide/show overlay consistently in some cases
    – Masking mode is getting an overhaul hopefully by next release
  • Masking mode still missing Edge Aware
    – This should come back when the masking overhaul happens

The Learn More link appear to be a dead-end at the time of this writing?

I’m getting the “Obi-Wan Kenobi, I can’t find that Topaz page”.

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It should be up now. Sorry about that!

I am puzzled about the lack of support for On1 PhotoRaw as a plugin. It was working OK for me in the beta!

Nothing should have changed regarding that between the beta and this release, so not sure what the issue would be. We don’t do anything special for those apps (e.g., install plugins, link templates, etc), so it is likely some configuration for On1 that you need to edit.

Exciting update! I’ll definitely be renewing my expired subscription as soon as Topaz supports working as an Apple Photos plugin…

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After update i have 0xc0000005 error. Try reinstall but still same problem.

What version of Windows do you have? Would need more info, and this is also not the best place to get support. You can open a ticket here:

Try it as you can call any external editor from the menu item “Image > Edit with > Other”

It is probably due to the new update to On1 (today Dec 20th), but it causes On1 to quit and generates a crash log.
I have reverted to v3.2.0, as you suggested above, and that DOES work. But it’s quite slow as a plugin.
I will report to On1 Support and can also send you any logs you might find helpful.

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This isn’t working at all with my Mac M1, OS 11.6. I tried a few round-trips with Lightroom Classic 11.0.1 and then separately as standalone with a .jpg created with the same image. The result is a nearly blank white file with a gradient in the upper left corner.


I just tried this on an M1 Mac mini running 12.1 and:

  1. program did not ask to uninstall older version (so I foolishly ran the uninstaller included in the older version)
  2. I had to manually input the external editor info into Lightroom (quit/reload LRC) which did successfully bring up the deNoise app but not the plug-in interface.
  3. LR successfully handed the image over to DN but now there is a save button in lower right which does not close the app when done. After I did quit LR does nothing but there are 2 tiff files in the directory with identical names (which is interesting) but there is nothing to sync in LR because it doesn’t see the 2nd tiff prob because of the same name thing
  4. I would say that the LRC plug-in behavior is quite broken. you do mention some other apps which will not work in ext editor mode but you do not mention LRC and that is either a huge oversight or a bug you missed in you extensive testing.
  5. as for the assertion that “Changed initial comparison view settings to always be Standard/Clear/Low Light/Severe Noise” I can only say, “I wish but nope, still same old mess”.

I am going now to reinstall 3.2.
On the bright side however I do want to say that just off hand it seems about 2x as fast as before so I am looking forward to a fully functional 3.4.n?


V3.4.0 is not working at all for me. My traditional approach has been to drag the files from a folder on my Mac onto the open DeNoise screen. It then processes the files but I am only getting blank files of about 250k each?

Using DeNoise as a filter during beta testing of 2022.1 worked.

Finding the DeNoise plugin in Photoshop and copying it to On1’s own plugin folder brings it back into On1’s list of filters and works again.

Working on M1 iMac.

i had to reinstall the old version … crashes on i mac i9 2020 … when you update do you test your software?

That is exactly the same problem as I am getting. In processing a jpg, I get a small 250k’ish file in 3 seconds that is basically blank. It’s useless.

I am having the same issue on M1 Max running macOS 12.1, exporting creates a blank file with gradient in top left corner. File is around 250kb. Tried with CPU and GPU renderer and results are the same.


Why is 3.4 not installed in the same folder as before and where the other topaz apps are installed (Topaz Labs LLC)??


Same issue here
Output is blank on M1 Mac with 3.4
reinstalled 3.3 all good
Need bug fix

I did not try 3.4 as a standalone on my M1 Mac mini, but it crashed On1 Photo Raw 2022 v3.1 when opened as a plugin. Since the beta ran perfectly well as a plugin on the previous version of PR 2022, the issue would seem to be with yesterday’s PR update.
I have sent the crash logs to On1 Support and suggest other On1 users do the same. It should also be reported to Topaz Support, even though the devs are keeping an eye on this thread for the time being.
As suggested at the top of this thread I have reverted to DeNoise 3.2, which is working OK so far for me, albeit more slowly since it is not M1 native.
By the way, I am not a PhotoShop user, so copied and pasted the plugin to the appropriate On1 folder from the DeNoise Package Contents.