Wrong frame rates on batch export

Under certain conditions, batch export assigns the frame rate of the first selected clip to all exported items, instead of using the original frame rate of each. With export command lines which do not reference the frame rate of the source, that’s just a cosmetic problem of the job queue, somewhat irritating though, but with command lines which use the frame rate, it’s fatal.

Restart TVAI, import the set of test clips attached below, select the clip with 23.976 fps first, enable Enhancement Proteus Auto, select all clips with Ctrl+A and click Export. You will see that all jobs in the job queue show 23.976 fps, but only one clip has 23.976 fps, the rest has other unique frame rates.
Test Set Jockey-FC 720p 24-60 fps.zip (43.3 MB)


This should have been resolved in v4.2.2 are you still seeing it after the update?

As far as I can see, it is not fixed. I tested after I installed 4.2.2. and after reading your post. If you wish me to create a screen recording to show what I see, let me know.

This other recent issue with batch export has been fixed.

Edit: I mean this other issue:

Triggered by your request, I looked at the issue in more detail. It is not only not fixed, it also changes the displayed frame rate of original media after batch export. This screen recording shows the issue (since the forum software still doesn’t support MP4 as attachments for regular users, again as public release on Youtube):

I have the impression that some parts of the used code are not aware what frame rate set to “(Original)” means to the user. And, changing the frame rate of the source, even if it’s only on the display, is a no go, in any case. It has to be a forbidden action.