Windows 7 & Video Enhance AI

If Video Enhance AI does not use Vulkan to restore Win7 support, I will stay at 1.6.1 until Video Enhance AI can support Win7 again.

Again, Video Enhance AI is a Multimedia software not a network communication software, performance and resource usage is more important than security.
Again and again, many security software still service Win7, security is not excuse to drop the Win7 supporting!

my 2 cents regarding Win 7 support:

its a simple fact that the lifetime and cycle of software development is an ever on going progression, normally support for certain operating systems and libraries are dropped just due to the fact that it becomes a bigger and bigger effort to support multiple implementations and hinders growth. Win 7 was probably dropped with this in mind and to clear a path way to easier future advances.

The advantages ratio of effort vs affected users normally out weighs the decision, and its my guess this is the reason, however its just speculation.

with this in mind if enough users request Win7 support then it makes sense for the company to reapply this effort, so therefore instead of fighting about what use cases make an operating system valid just express you view that you would like this version supported, if enough people want it then normally they get it.

It would be more efficient for the developer to put out a poll.

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That makes sense if they chose a development platform that is pro-Win10. That’s why I use Delphi, Lazarus, and AutoIT to develop with. Win7 and XP (even 2000 and NT4) are often trivial to write apps for. Anyone know what their dev environment is?

There’s less people using Windows 7 than OS X, and Windows 7 user share is getting lower and lower, there’s no reason to support an aging OS that even the Developer doesn’t support anymore.

( Desktop Operating System Market Share Worldwide | StatCounter Global Stats and Desktop Windows Version Market Share Worldwide | StatCounter Global Stats )

17,65% of all desktop users use Mac OS X
76,32% use Windows, of which only 16,8% use Windows 7 (that’s 12,82% of the total)

Windows 7 user still more than OS X user. 2020-10 :
Windows 10-62.16% Windows 7-20.93% Mac OS X 10.15-6.21% Windows 8.1-2.54% Mac OS X 10.14-1.84% Mac OS X 10.13-1.39% Linux-1.30%{"filter"%3A{"%24and"%3A[{"deviceType"%3A{"%24in"%3A["Desktop%2Flaptop"]}}]}%2C"dateLabel"%3A"Custom"%2C"attributes"%3A"share"%2C"group"%3A"platformVersion"%2C"sort"%3A{"share"%3A-1}%2C"id"%3A"platformsDesktopVersions"%2C"dateInterval"%3A"Monthly"%2C"dateStart"%3A"2020-10"%2C"dateEnd"%3A"2020-10"%2C"segments"%3A"-1000"}

The site you are using has less than 1% the data of statcounter, has been up from only 3 years and will close soon.

Net marketshare: The data is compiled from approximately 100 million valid sessions per month, widely distributed over thousands of websites.

Statcounter: Stats are based on aggregate data collected by Statcounter on a sample exceeding 10 billion pageviews per month collected from across the Statcounter network of more than 2 million websites.

The number of Win7 computers not connected to the Internet far exceeds the number recorded by the statistical website.

Both Win7 and Win10 have the same system kernel architecture, but Win7 saves a lot of resources than Win10, and the amount of available resources is the most important for a multimedia processing software.

Win7 vs all versions of MacOS is an unfair comparison

<17.65% of all desktop users use Mac OS X, of which only 62.15% use macOS 10.15 (that’s 10.97% of the total)>

In fact, Not only Desktop user will use Video Enhance AI, don’t forget Workstation Laptop users and Gaming Laptop users.

By your logic, Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 8 should be supported too because of their kernel. Windows 2000 uses far less resources than Windows 7, so it should have support, right?

Windows 7 is ancient and no company developing new consumer software in 2020 should need to support it. Focusing on just Windows 10 will allow for faster development and better support. Period.


2000 and XP is NT5.x base, Vista/Win7/8/8.1/10 is NT6.x base.
Win7 can install VC2019 runtime and .net 5.0 framework, Win7 is old but it still can use newly framework and runtime.
(Win10 just rename NT6.4 to NT10 before release.)

Please stop with the Windows 7 nonsense on multiple threads, it’s cluttering them and is absolutely off-topic.


Bring the Win7 support back, please!
Vulkan is better than DirectX12 , it can support Win7+ and Linux , and then support Macos by MoltenVK

Vulkan ML(Machine Learning)

Visual Studio Info. from Microsoft:
[ For the Windows target platform, this specifies the version of the Windows SDK that your project requires. When you install a C++ Workload by using the Visual Studio installer, the required parts of the Windows SDK are also installed. If you have other Windows SDK versions on your computer, each version of the SDK tools that you have installed appears in the dropdown.

To target Windows 7 or Windows Vista, use the value 8.1, since Windows SDK 8.1 is backward compatible to those platforms. In addition, you should define the appropriate value for _WIN32_WINNT in targetver.h. For Windows 7, that’s 0x0601. See Modifying WINVER and _WIN32_WINNT. ]

[Visual Studio]# General Property Page (Project)

Say again:
Vulkan can use in machine learning same as DirectX12 , but Vulkan can use on Win7 , Win7 has at least 20% market share , don’t drop Win7 support till the Win7 market share less than Win8.1 , please!
Also, please set the [ Windows SDK Version(Target Platform Version) ] to the value [ 8.1 ] before you build the new version software.

And then , if you can’t make the Vulkan ver. AI Engine in short term, please use the D3D12On7(The Direct3D12 runtime for Windows 7) now.
Nowadays, many people still using Win7 , Win10 is very bloated and RAM usage is too high.

D3D12ON7 sample:

D3D12ON7 Packget (7zip can unzip the nupkg file):


however, VEAI is OpenGL

No one should be using Windows 7, period.


No one should be advocating a position that all users should never use any given piece of software or operating system, period.

Your statement is an anti-user statement.

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No, it’s truth. Windows 7 is unsupported and not secure. I will repeat. No one should be using Windows 7. Period.

Computer security software on the market still supports Win7, and Bitdefender discovered most vulnerabilities earlier than Microsoft and pushed virus definition updates earlier. Win7 ESU will not be terminated until 2023. Security is not an excuse for giving up Win7 support.

I know first hand, because I work for multi-billion dollar corporation based in France, who still has thousands of employees on Windows 7, including myself. I still continue to receive security updates from Microsoft on my company issued laptop.


Another point… currently, VEAI’s installer warns users that they “might have a problem” if they don’t update to Windows 10 2004, which most users don’t get via Windows Update (most are at 1909)… Microsoft has not pushed it yet via Windows Update because of various compatibility issues. So users who update to Win 10 2004 just for VEAI might bomb their systems, and they might not even have needed the 2004 update!

Clearly it would be better to be developing VEAI for systems that didn’t have as narrow OS requirements… why not use Vulkan and have it so that it could even be run on Linux?