When Deinterlacing, app will not maintain input FPS

I have video with a frame rate of 25 and when doing an interlace correction it changes this to 50 frames.

But the problem I am noticing is the final overall time is around double of the estimated time - so I am not sure if this is down to the double frame rate of the output file.

So for example the timescale output progress bar may say something like 6 hours and when it gets to around 99.9% it says 1 minute. But the actual video progress bar will only be 50% finished.

I am only doing a correction (to same scale as original video) not upscaling.

The setting are:

Video Type: Interlaced
Field Order: Auto Detect
AI Model: Dione TV 2X FPS

I have noticed when doing the same conversion forcing the same frame rate of 25 the estimated and completed times are correct.

Yes, it is due to the fps being doubled. Previously you could set the frame rate to the original, however, this feature was removed, however, it will be added back in very soon!

I have videos which have a frame rate of 25fps that are interlaced. When I upscale these to the frame rate changes to 50fps by default.

For some reason when I set this to the original frame rate of 25fps and use Frame Interpolation it still uses 50fps. But if I choose any other fps that is not the original it keeps to that changed frame rate

I reference this previous issue which version will this be corrected?

I too have reported this problem, and have been told that it will be fixed. I’m waiting…

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Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Select the videos framerate and not auto. It works if you select 25 but not the original framerate. I use this on every episode and it works.

Yes when I change the frame rate to 25 (same as original but using the dropdown), as soon as I press export it changes it back to 50 by default, but any other frame rate such as 23.976 it will stay the same using 23.976.

Yes it will show the 50fps in the menu but if you check the output file it will be at 25 fps. If you are not sure, check the ffmpeg command after pressing export. It will say that “videoai=Slowmo 100% and framerate changed to 25(your set fps) using chf-3”(your model).

No I still get a frame rate of 50fps. So I need to correct these in either handbreak or ffmpeg to 25fps.

My bad, you need to turn on Frame Interpolation>select Chronos fast and de-select remove duplicate frames. It does not increase the processing time and the output frames will be 25fps.
At first when i deinterlaced with Dione i used the CLI version where i set bwdif to 0(this disables frame doubling). I did frame by frame comparisons and it was 100% the same. Chronos fast gave me best results where normal chronos gave a choppy playback.

If I de-interlace, I’d like to be able to keep my source frame rate (29.97 in my case) and not get the doubled field rate (59.94) as my only option. The current setup can stay default, I just don’t need the extra frames and want an easy way to keep it 29.97.

(Not looking for arguments over whether 59.94 looks “better.” 29.97 is fine for me.)

I am aware of this:

But that’s a workaround. It should just be an option in the Frame Rate menu.

yes it is, but use it in the mean time until Topaz decided to add this feature.

Yes, 100% this is a feature that was removed due to an issue. We are working to re-implement this workflow.

Everytime I try to deinterlace a clip to 25 frames, the frame rate jumps back to 50 frames automaticly???
In further versions I could adjust 25 frames and the frame interpolation sets automaticly. Is this another bug?

In previous versions (tested on 3.3.5) after setting up a deinterlace, the FRAME RATE parameter in the VIDEO section could be set to the original, non-2x, rate, allowing for a result clip of the same number of frames as the input clip. Now, upon clicking “Export”, the FRAME RATE reverts to “(2x Deinterlaced)” and the resulting frame-count is double.
DxDiag.txt (118.6 KB)
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Hey there,

This is a known issue that we are in the midst of resolving.

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