Video Not Processed No Preview button, no Preview

I don’t know if this is a bug or my failure to understand the interface. M1 Max MacStudio 64GB Ram 10 core, Sonoma14.3.1 Topaz Video 4.2.0 After adding a 4min mp4 at 720p and creating setting for my export of 4K, Artemis, High Quality etc, the video preview is not created. The screen says “Not Processed To preview your settings click the Preview button below” but the button is not active. The video exports and the results are acceptable but not preview is available. This has happened inconsistently. Other uses have shown a preview but I am new to this and don’t know if there is a pattern. I have gone to Preferences and lowered Max Memory to 55% but have not tested it further.

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Go to Preference and set Preset on ‘None’.
Then load film again.

Something similar is happening to me as well though haven’t had success exporting. It seems the preview never finishes and processing never stops.

I tried lower max memory a bit, gpu processes to 2, and preset to None.
Any other suggestions?


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