Processing seems stuck on 5 frame preview (2x3090's)

I’m new to the program and using it to Upres and interpolate 5K CG outputs to 7K. My renders are coming from After Effects as Open EXR, but I’ve converted to ProRes4444 for testing.

For some reason processing just doesn’t seem to finish its task. I have 2x 3090’s and have loaded a 1 sec 10FPS ProRes MOV, and the % bar stays at 88, 0s, 2.7fps. I am only previewing 5 frames.

I imagine this is user error, but am baffled at how to resolve. I’ve read lots on these forums but no progress.

Are Image Sequences a better workflow than ProRes?

Really could use some pointers. Thanks

2024-03-11-19-45-32-Main.tzlog (239.2 KB)

Let’s have you change a setting:


Set the AI processor to only one of your GPUs (not all)

Then try running it back through.

So far between that and updating today its working. Thanks

Is there anything you can weigh in on regarding number of processes for 3090’s? I’d love to be using the dual GPU or at least maxing out a single.

The All GPU option will utilize both GPU’s but it will not “double” the processing speed or split the work load evenly between them or separate the files in that sense to separate cards.

Splitting different export processes between 2 cards is the goal for the future with the app and the All GPU options.

Currently, the app will try and spread some tasks to the additional card but it is not as cut and dry on just choosing one video file and its export. The app will select different tasks from all of the processes being run and send them to the different GPU options as needed.

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