Video Enhance AI v1.7.0

I have noticed one improvement possible for Nvidia cards’ owners: use Studio drivers, not gaming ones.
I see a higher average load of GPU with Studio drivers.

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nice. Will try that after the current job is done (still 6 days to go :sweat_smile:)

could you provide us some numbers? How much is improved over ‘Game Ready’ Drivers?

I’ve been fortunate in not seeing many of the issues related here and in having good speeds. I’ve been using the Studio drivers since I built the computer I have VEAI on. I built it specifically for video editing and not for gaming. Running a Ryzen 5 3600, 16GB system memory, and a Nvidia RTX 2060 w/6 GB ram. I have not, in any of my programs/workflow, seen the instability that my regular computer (running standard Nvida gaming drivers) has seen. My speeds on 360 to 720 upscale run around .09 sec/frame with every model except GaiaHQ (I don’t use GaiaCG). Gaia sees around .15 sec/frame.

For RTX2080 I see about 5% difference (with Studio Drivers) and also same, +5% higher average load (measured with Gpu-Z).
So using Studio drivers saves 3 minutes per hour.
It is clearly visible, that studio drivers promote in-GPU computation over display work.
For example, while rendering with Studio drivers, youtube videos run not smoothly. With gaming drivers - yes.
Tommorow I will check with RTX3070.

I have also prepared tweaked “studio style” drivers for Radeon.

Check here:

Most of the videos I tried to upscale are h265. I went back to the original uncompressed source of one of my videos and upscaled a segment I tried previously, but the playback was actually worse than the h265 source?

On RTX 2060 with Gaming Driver:

Artemis V7 (Fast Model)
0.08 seconds per frame on 2x scaling of 480p.

VEAI 1.7.0 delivery a significant improvement over previous version, I’m guess I’m don’t need upgrade to RTX 3K series now. :smiley:

I have only tried it a little, but it seemed to have an effect of speeding up the process.

Before applying the driver: 33.73 sec./frame
After applying the driver: 28.01 sec./frame

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So 20% faster. :slight_smile:

Load last auto save has stopped working. Twice(separate renders) now it has told me there is a previous work load and if I would like to load it, only for it to start at the very beginning again. Anyone else, had this issue? It happened once when I stopped the render manually and once when I closed the application, I tried to end the render by closing the app, because I remembered I ended the render manually the last time and I thought that might be the cause.

That’s what I was thinking. It has doubled my frame rate, so I can delay upgrading my GPU to the 30 series, not that you can buy the bloody things, anyway. Building a new PC so that will help bring the cost down.

That limits the usability of your files. Creating content for your current display is very short sighted.

Am I’m right to said VEAI only scale by 1x,2x,4x?

If upscale from 240p to 4K, does it make no difference from 4x 240p ?

While it might be overkill for 15" laptop screens for example, the default crf=17 will yield good results for the majority of screen sizes and resolutions.

That being said, having the freedom to choose and tweak our own encoding settings (x264/x265, 8-bit/10-bit, VBR/CRF etc.) is something the dev team should be focusing on going forward imho.

Studio drivers are just in reality a stable branch from game ready drivers. The studio drivers you are using are in fact prior game ready drivers. It’s just that game ready branch get more frequent updates for patches in some games.
I always have used studio drivers but after the slowdowns I have experienced since V 1.6 I decide to try game ready driivres and didn’t noticed any difference. Not slower, not faster as before.


Sounds to me like VEAI is dropping frames on the output.

It will use some combination of 1,2, and 4 to get to a resolution higher than 4K and then downscale it.

If your output is MP4, there is no continuing it.

Anyone here using any of the new Nvidia or AMD cards? if so, what performance speed are they getting from them (ie how long to upscale a 25 minute video from 576p or 480p to 1080p)?