Tweaked Radeon Drivers for Topaz Video AI

Hello friends.
Here you can download Radeon 2020 drivers tweaked by me,
focused on the speed of computing.
These are something similar to Nvidia Studio Drivers.
All games etc will work (probably even faster, with more FPS), but you can check if your Topaz works go faster now.
When I would have some free time, I will do the same for Nvidia and for latest Radeon drivers.
BR & have fun
Thomas M. Pirowski

How to install: 1. download. 2. unpack 3. start “setup.exe”.
You may be informed, that these drivers are older, than your actual drivers. Install anyway.!AgFXx1CsWPuNhLVjfQx9AzPpiQc76g?e=u47a5z

Let me know about your speed gains plz.


What else can be done?

Some tweaks directly in AMD registry section.

  1. Improving the overall efficiency of VRAM usage, by disabling DMA copying, enabling block write, come corrections to power gating and tweak, that blocks idle.
  2. Some minor changes, good for speed & stability like blocking analytics, increasing TDR delay, correcting thermal throttling behaviour.

As I know all these things may sound difficult, I have prepared a registry tweak file. You can download it and just start. All corrections will be done automatically. You need to restart your system, so new setup will be loaded by AMD driver.

Of course, tweak will help also while using other render systems and even - games (check your FPS before & after :slight_smile:

  1. download, 2. unpack. 3. click.
    Windows will tell you that blah blah blah modifying of registry may be dangerous etc. Click “install anyway”. 4. restart Windows.
    Remember, that this tweak is for RADEON only with my driver, or at least standard driver from 2020).!AgFXx1CsWPuNhLVpYsRUQAZSSNHGww?e=7o2Kei

The link takes me to a Short URL page, no drivers?

Same here. No download links found. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Huh, solved (I have left long links to my OneDrive and links work now).

I can not install it because the setup.exe tells me that it can not find any AMD hardware. I know this is an old issue with this type of installer and could normally be avoided by installing the driver via the device manager of Windows, but then it says the best matching driver is already installed.

Maybe I have tweaked too old driver.

This week I can prepare the latest one.
Sorry for this inconvenience - in my notebook I have RX 580, so quite old.

yes, maybe. please get the latest driver. I tried to install via the device manager but then it says I already have the best driver. :slight_smile:

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You still can use registry tweak. It helped me by about 4%

What is your GPU?

Oh no, I am getting old. It was my mistake. After using AMD graphics for over 10 years:

  • ATI Rage 128
  • Radeon HD 2600 Pro
  • Radeon 9600 Pro
  • Radeon HD 6770M
  • Radeon R9 M295X

I forgot that in summer 2018 when my 5 k iMac went boom after only 3 years I got my first Nvidia graphics for the PC. I am sorry for the confusion. :neutral_face:

Thanx. Will test this as soon as I get some time off from work.

Hello. Can you update download link for drivers?