VEAI New Feature Requests! - Submit in App through Help Menu

Hi y’all! I see lots of great feature requests on our forums. Starting with v 2.3.0, you can now submit feature requests directly through the Help menu in the app.
This will be the best way to get your feature request counted. While we can’t guarantee every request will be included, we use this information to help gauge user interest and inform continuing updates.
Please keep posting your ideas here as well because they lead to some great discussions and you might find that feature you were looking for already exists or a clever workaround as well :slight_smile:
Right now this is only in Video Enhance AI and Gigapixel AI however we may add it to other applications as well.
I’ve closed other feature request threads for now but feel free to comment below if you have any questions!



The new Proteus model is awesome. I’ve been able to get better results far faster and easier than ever before. - However, that raises another question. I frequently need to pre-edit the files I run through VEAI. What is the optimum file format to feed Proteus? Would using Dynamic GOP help? There must be some input file factors that could help or hurt VEAI do its job, especially Proteus.

Any comments or relevant links/info would be greatly appreciated.



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A Model or multiple models that improve the colors

for example:
SDR to HDR conversion
Black and White to color
Automatic color correction (based on reference image or video)


Linux support

It does already work with Wine, but Cpu only and is very slow. A native port with full gpu support would be great.

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I’m a CG Artist currently testing 3Delight which doesn’t come with a built-in denoiser.
I know there’s Intel Open Image and Nvidia Optix Denoiser out there, but the result of these 2 often softening the final result too much.

I’m wondering if VEAI has any plans to support 16bit and 32bit multi-channel .exr image sequence? so that we can denoise all of the contribution AOVs in one go? and also would be great to have a batch render option to denoise multiple render layers simultaneously.

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Hi! In general, file format doesn’t make a difference in quality however, if you use a heavily compressed format, it may introduce artifacts that can be harder to remove but VEAI can compensate for those as well. The best practice is just to give VEAI the best quality source you can as early in your process as is reasonably possible.
There may be instances where it makes more sense to use VEAI later as well and these guidelines may change in the future so experimentation is encouraged :slight_smile:

Hi! Not in the update planned for early next month, but definitely a request we’ve received before and would want to seriously consider.
Quick tip, if you do use VEAI, Gaia CG is a good option but, depending on your source you might actually find that Artemis HQ is great on CG as well!

I have experimented with making two passes through VEAI. The first is to clean up and the second pass is to render up to the desired scale. - This works, but only works really well if you set the (mp4) output CRF to a very low value, like 1 or 2. - This results in a humongous intermediate file size, but the model doing the 2nd pass will have much easier to digest input and makes for better (final) output file compressed at a more reasonable level - like 20.

This leads me to making a suggestion for future functionality. That is to be able to chain the process of a given video clip sequentially through two models. Given a rather uncompressed intermediate ‘temp’ file, the two models won’t ‘artifact’ each other and makes it possible to queue up the sequence to run overnight.